Call of Duty players want refunds for Firecracker’s ass nerf

Call of Duty players want refunds for Firecracker’s ass nerf
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Tom Chapman


9th Feb 2024 13:42

Some of you are angrier than Homelander when he's out of milk, and as usual, the ever-hard-to-please Call of Duty community is finding something to complain about. Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 is the much-needed boost that the CoDverse needs, but apparently, not everything has been given the boost you were looking for.

Following on from Modern Warfare 2's collaboration with Amazon's The Boys as part of Season 4 reloaded, MW3 was keen to power up with a second crossover. While the majority of players have said they've had enough tie-ins with The Boys, that's not the only problem facing the collab.

Call of Duty players want refunds over Firecracker's ass

But of course they do. Dredging up those archaic Call of Duty stereotypes that the average player is a sex-obsessed keyboard warrior, there are grumbles that the devs have "nerfed" Firecracker's ass. Despite the character being due to make her live-action debut in The Boys Season 4, she's arrived early in CoD. 

We already covered how players were down bad for Firecracker and her 'jiggly' mechanics, but now she's live on the battlefield, she's not as voluptuous as some of you would like. When Twitter account ModernWarzone asked for your thoughts on Season 2, it opened up the floodgates of criticism.

One fan claims they only bought the Firecracker bundle due to the junk in her trunk, complaining that they've slimmed down her ass for the actual release. They weren't alone in their critiques, as another added, "Damn they gave her the soccer mom van booty."

Someone else said, "Ain’t no way miss gyatt got nerfed man i'm refunding bruh," and a third concluded, "Bait and switch. lawsuit." The OP responded, "Literally the first skin in Call of Duty history to have jiggle physics and they ruined it."


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The replies were full of people calling those complaining 'virgins,' and even if you wanted a refund, we doubt you've got Activision on the Trade Descriptions Act for an ass that you can't ogle. Someone else pointed out that angles are everything, with Firecracker's ass only looking a little flatter from the side.

Of course, we need to remember Call of Duty's Firecracker is just a pixel, and unless you're the partner of Firecracker actor Valorie Curry, you likely aren't in with a chance. Still, it highlights an uncomfortable trend in CoD, like when some asked for the Nicki Minaj Operator to step on them.

There are bigger problems in the CoDverse than whether Firecracker jiggles enough while you drool over her. With accusations of pay-to-win skins and the whole Gaia/Groot debacle, the devs have bigger fish to fry than the size of Firecracker's booty. Cry harder, fellas. 

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