Just when you think Activision has fixed Call of Duty, the frustrating invisibility glitch has snuck back into Warzone via helicopters.

16:01, 02 Apr 2021

Is the Call of Duty franchise really just an elaborate setup for Universal's Invisible Man series? With Call of Duty: Warzone continuing to be the goose that laid the golden edge, the recent Season 2 Reloaded was supposed to breathe some new life into the struggling battle royale favourite. Alongside criticisms that Season 2 hasn't added enough oomph, it's simply copied the success of Cold War's Zombies, and with pro-players jumping ship like the zombies of the SS. Vodianoy amidst cheating complaints, the game could really do with a break. One thing sure to rattle our cages, even more, is the fact the Warzone invisibility glitch seems to be back.

Much like vehicles in Warzone, helicopters were a beloved addition that took the action to the skies. However, choppers were sadly grounded late last year and only just added back in after a lengthy hiatus. Unfortunately, with the return of helicopters, it sounds like the well-known invisibility glitch has also snuck aboard. Treyarch is apparently looking into the issue, but at the time of writing, some helicopters have already been pulled from the game. Talk about a quick flight. 


What is the Call of Duty invisibility glitch?

As seen on various Twitter threads, taking flight in an attack helicopter can lead to a bizarre glitch. In the videos, players that've zoomed around in minigun helicopters can then jump out, only to appear invisible to rival players. Raven Software confirmed that (for the time being) attack helicopters have been disabled. The issue of helicopters making players invisible looks like it was a widespread one before they were quickly pulled. At a time Warzone is already under fire, his isn't great news for the team. 

Xbox On presenter BennyCentral said the glitch has come back in “the exact same way it was in last time”. He wrote to Raven Software and fumed, "My mind was just blown by the invis glitch being added back into Warzone the exact same way it was in it last time... Like how has that even gone past testing??? I'd be happy to have less frequent updates if it meant everything worked when added...". One user called @ProJect_GT82 wrote, "Stim and Invisibility glitch both back in the game. Absolute comedy from Raven here. #Warzone", while @remskkii added, "I've heard the stim glitch is back and I just died to the invisibility glitch, I think I'm done with Warzone". 



What's next for the Warzone invisibility glitch?

YouTuber SonnenSoldat shared footage of the invisibility glitch in action to prove disbelievers wrong. The assumption is that it's been there all along, and no matter what, Raven hasn't been able to shift it. It's not hard to agree with some of the critiques of the testing phase, because in all honesty, it's a struggle to see how this wasn't picked up before attack helicopters were added back in. Ultimately, it's a case of history repeating itself. The now-infamous stim glitch was frequently patched out, only to return with a vengeance following each update. There's supposedly a patch that's wiped it out for good, but even then, there are reports the stim glitch is back.

Despite Warzone's continued popularity, there's no denying it's a bit of a buggy mess right now. There are high hopes for an '80s-themed revamp of the map and possibly nuclear annihilation as we head into Season 3, but if devs can't get the basics right, Warzone is going to continue haemorrhaging players at an alarming rate. If/when things are fixed, here's hoping attack helicopters will be a more permanent addition to Call of Duty: Warzone and won't have us running away from invisible forces like they're Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man



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