It looks like we're getting a 1980s Warzone map for over a year.

16:26, 01 Apr 2021

It's been over a year since Call of Duty reignited their livelihood with the addition of their second battle royale. Warzone hit the ground running, learning from the mistakes of Blackout, which was played out on Black Ops 4. Going free to play and returning to boots on the ground warfare, Warzone became a hit sensation.

Although the past year on Verdansk has been one to remember, the large consensus is that the map needs to perish and make way for some new engaging content. 

With most fans hoping the stale gameplay can be overcome with a new engaging map, leaks have suggested for a long time that the map is set to be nuked. With the addition of a Bombardment killstreak and incoming missiles, Verdansk as we know it is set to go boom and make way for something better suited to the Black Ops Cold War era.

However, with the heavy reports that the next title of the Call of Duty franchise will be named WWII: Vanguard and follow an alternate timeline to the second World War going into the early 1950s, yet another change may be in the works. After the next map becomes tiresome such as Verdansk as we know it has, the WWII-inspired map will be rolled out.

But not until 2022, according to leaker Tom Henderson. It appears Activision is willing to give the 1980s themed map a similar tenure, meaning we won't see a WWII-styled BR map until over a year after the next one becomes playable.


Leaks also suggest that we won't even be leaving Verdansk. The 1980s map will simply be a rendition of Verdansk, accessed through travelling back in time thanks to the aether zombies storyline. 

Said time machine will then take us further back in history, to the 1950s come 2022. Henderson wrote "I can confirm that we are 100% not getting a World War 2 Warzone map in 2021. In fact, we’re likely to see some kind of WW2 Warzone map around April 2022."

"Since the botched map release of Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone map (which was meant to release months ago), it’s my understanding that Warzone will now face a big mid-year update."


With similar games coming out around the time of Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, such as the unnamed Battlefront 6 and Halo Infinite, it makes sense that Activision will hold some of the cards back until the market becomes increasing penetrable.



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Image via Activision

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