Call Of Duty Ghost Spin-Off Will Start A New Series

Call Of Duty Ghost Spin-Off Will Start A New Series
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Joseph Kime


29th Nov 2022 10:13

After rumours of a Call of Duty spin-off that focuses on fan-favourite Modern Warfare character Ghost began to swirl, fans started to get excited about it as if it actually existed.

Of course, that's how the world wide web's rumour mill works, but even so, some players are getting a little too excited for others' liking. However, it seems like there's something new actually brewing at Infinity Ward.

There is indeed a chance that we could see some more of Ghost, but it's perhaps not in the same way that fans were expecting. We could be about to get our very first Call of Duty story DLC, and Ghost could be our frontman.

Is Ghost Getting A Call Of Duty Spin-Off?

Call Of Duty Ghost Spin-Off Will Start A New Series
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It looks like Ghost will be biting back in Modern Warfare 2, as one insider has claimed that he'll be featured in a new series of single-player DLC to come to the game at some point next year.

Ralph Valve, a notorious Call of Duty insider, has claimed that Infinity Ward is working on an origin campaign for the main man (via WhatIfGaming) - giving players more time with Ghost and an opportunity to get to know him better.

According to the insider, it doesn't end with Ghost. The same report suggests that the DLC has been compared to Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology in its construction, "with an intimate, episodic look."

It's certainly an interesting suggestion for the series, as it has never received such DLC. While Call of Duty campaigns have never been the reason that players pick the games up, it's a gamble, but it could be a worthwhile one.

Modern Warfare 2's Writers Hint At Exploring Ghost's Past

The excitement over a Ghost origin story hasn't exactly materialised out of thin air either - Modern Warfare II's head writer Brian Bloom seems pretty keen to dig into it too.

Hyping a Ghost spin-off, Bloom said, "There are others who would like to do that too, and we think that would be really interesting.

"There’s something about that character that's iconic, but the mask and some of those more superficial elements, as we’ve attempted to build them out here in our current release, where did some of those things come from? And exploring that, and looking at that would be something I think the audience would love, and we would love to get into.”

It's an interesting idea, and we're fascinated to see if it works for Infinity Ward. After Ghost's face reveal went rival, he's clearly popular. People love Ghost - but do they love him that much?

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