Call of Duty fans love the latest Ghost ‘Gunslinger’ skin

Call of Duty fans love the latest Ghost ‘Gunslinger’ skin
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Jack Marsh


2nd Aug 2023 17:30

As characters go in the Call of Duty universe, Ghost is right up there as the most loved.

The masked Task Force 141 Veteran is a staple of the Modern Warfare series and is often judged to be more likeable than Captain Price. Especially in the reboot, where he's survived more than two games - you'll never be forgiven, Shepherd…

Over on multiplayer, Ghost's skin game has often been criticised. But that's about to change, as his Season 5 Gunslinger fit is quickly being hailed and putting him back on a pedestal over some other questionable Operators.

Ghost honoured with new Gunslinger skin in Season 5

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With Ghost often theorised to become the new leader of 141 in Modern Warfare 3 - after showing his face in the current game and with Makarov returning to face off with Price - CoD fans have been hoping for an upgrade in his outfits.

Now Season 5 is giddying him up in a Wild West bundle named Gunslinger, topped off with a red mask and typically dangerous all-black outfit.

With the bundle expecting to be launched early in Season 5, amid the Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg chaos, fans have dubbed this as the best Ghost skin yet. They're also preparing to splash the cash on it to take down Graves.

Modern Warafre 2 fans already adore Gunslinger Ghost


The Pro Pack: Gunslinger Ghost Bundle will include the "The Marshal" Operator Skin (donning a black leather cowboy assassin outfit and hat), "The Bandit" Assault Rifle and "Gallows Call" Sidearm Weapon Blueprints

"This is actually a cool skin… I wish all the main characters got cowboy skins. They should give Alejandro and Chuy a cowboy skin," said one fan on Twitter. "I will be shamelessly buying this," added another, with a third also saying, "I will be getting him, new fav skin!"

The bundle does come coincidentally close to the news of a Red Dead Redemption remaster, but the Call of Duty blog hasn't confirmed a crossover, unlike that of Lara Croft...

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