Call Of Duty Fans Hate The Snoop Dogg Skins

Call Of Duty Fans Hate The Snoop Dogg Skins
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Joseph Kime


19th Apr 2022 11:45

Call of Duty has tried to embrace its inner Fortnite, with some pretty meagre results.

The free-to-play market is littered with pop culture crossovers courtesy of the battle royale giant, and Call of Duty has tried desperately to keep up with Warzone's Halloween events, and now after introducing Attack on Titan to Vanguard to a chorus of groans from fans, the series has proved that they can't quite strike the same magic as Epic Games.

The latest crossover has finally landed, though - and fans really don't like it.

The Warzone Snoop Dogg Bundle

Snoop Dogg is making his return to Call of Duty after signing to FaZe in the form of a series of skins that are set to launch in Warzone and Vanguard tomorrow. The skins themselves have leaked, much to the disdain of fans, who are deeply unimpressed by them.

It's not just the skins that have leaked, either - the whole bundle seems to have been revealed, with one Twitter user sending a screenshot of the items coming to the game to leaker Tom Henderson. The bundle comes to 2400 CoD Points, which comes to £16.79 in total.

But fans aren't happy.

Fans Hate The New Snoop Dogg Skins

Players have taken to Twitter to air their disdain for the new Snoop Dogg bundles in Vanguard and Warzone, decrying the fact that Call of Duty seems to be trying to tap into the successes of Fortnite's crossovers.

It's safe to say that fans aren't exactly enthused that the games have given up on even trying to present a realistic Second World War setting - but they're likely to be much more upset when the predicted Godzilla event shows up in-game. It looks like Snoop's return to Call of Duty hasn't exactly been met with a warm welcome.


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