Call of Duty fans demand 'underrated’ Ghosts remaster

Call of Duty fans demand 'underrated’ Ghosts remaster

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Jack Marsh


8th Sep 2023 19:35

When the classic Call of Duty games were revived amid the Microsoft takeover, many thousands of fans were quick to jump into their childhood titles and blast away.

Amongst these were Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2, which blew away newer games with popularity, showing just how great the old Call of Duty games are.

But one that didn't reap the rewards of this revival was Ghosts. Now, fans are demanding that Infinity Ward's underrated game from 2013 should be remastered.

Call of Duty label Ghosts as the most 'under-appreciated' game

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Ghosts was actually the worst-performing Call of Duty amid the revival, with fans crowning it as the worst Call of Duty ever - or at least created in the golden age.

Now, many fans want to see it remastered, with a modern twist to the graphics and gunplay potentially  making for quite a good game.

"I feel like CoD: Ghosts is one of, if not THE, most under-appreciated title of the franchise," one Redditor said, as they demanded a remastered title. "The more time went on, the more I appreciated ghosts," agreed another.

Call of Duty fans demand more Ghosts action


With players harmonious on its under-appreciation, talks soon began about remastering the game. "Am I the only one who wants a [GHOSTS] Remaster?" one Reddit post read.

"It had a brilliant campaign which did loads of new stuff (control the dog, scuba mission, satellite mission...) and the classic style CoD missions were pretty good too. Jungle Ghosts was a very satisfying stealth mission," said a second. "I’m so tired of Modern Warfare that I wouldn’t even mind it," added a third.

Others weren't too keen on the idea of a remastered game, given that the whole gunplay mechanics would need overhauling, but they'd rather see new features come to the Ghosts story in the form of a sequel.

"All I want is a sequel to the Ghosts campaign, that cliffhanger still p**ses me off to this day," concluded one disgruntled gamer. A Ghosts continuation would have to come in 2025 or beyond, as the CoD calendar is fully booked for the next few years, but it might not be the worst idea yet.

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