Call of Duty fans braced for Xbox Game Pass bonanza after new store message

Call of Duty fans braced for Xbox Game Pass bonanza after new store message
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Joseph Kime


25th Sep 2023 11:37

The conversation around Call of Duty joining Game Pass has been circling the drain as of late.

The assurance that PlayStation will have access to Call of Duty for at least ten years, and the fact that the entire Activision Blizzard deal is expected to finalise this week, are all pointing towards the idea that we don’t in fact see the franchise become free to Game Pass subscribers. Especially as Ubisoft+ has been handed off streaming rights for the series, there’s little chance that the games will touch down on the Pass - but fans are still as hopeful as ever that they’ll be able to swim through the franchise at no extra cost.

And now, a new hint is indicating that speculation of the arrival of CoD on the Game Pass isn’t entirely baseless.

New leak hints at Black Ops II joining Game Pass

A new hint has appeared on Twitter that Call of Duty at large could yet be coming to Game Pass across the world.

A new report is coming from Brazil that shows players in the region can look to Black Ops II on the Xbox Store to see a new message that indicates that the game will be free to players as part of a “game subscription.” We’re not sure which one it is yet, but it’s expected that it’s the Xbox Game Pass - and interestingly, the message indicates that players can download it and keep it forever.

Receive this item for FREE with your gaming subscription! Checkout and it's yours FOREVER!” reads the message.

It’s compelling evidence that there could be something in store - but there’s a chance that it’s not actually talking about Game Pass.

Game Pass or Ubisoft+ - who’s winning Call of Duty?

An Xbox Game Pass promo featuring characters from ARK, Halo Infinite, Gears 5 and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.
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It was revealed that Ubisoft will be handling the distribution of Call of Duty streaming, meaning that access across platform is a real possibility - but there’s no telling if Xbox will also hold onto the series for Game Pass. Again, there’s no confirmation that the series will appear on either platform - but right now, we’re in the dark about a lot of things surrounding the series.

Wherever it ends up will be very interesting indeed, and we’ll have to see which way Xbox turns. It’s a battle between appeasing governing bodies and appeasing the consumer - and Microsoft could turn to either.

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