'Impossible’ Easter Egg confirms Zombies do exist in Modern Warfare canon

'Impossible’ Easter Egg confirms Zombies do exist in Modern Warfare canon
Infinity Ward | Treyarch

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Jack Marsh


27th Mar 2023 11:08

For as long as Call of Duty canon goes back, the rise of the undead has only been developed within the Black Ops franchise and filtered into those instalments from Sledgehammer Games thanks to the severed helping hand of Treyarch.

The zombies even wormed their way through the crevices of their coffins into Warzone, again thanks to Treyarch. But, they've never been in an Infinity Ward title and have been kept completely separate from the Modern Warfare series...until now.

Zombies Easter egg found in Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered

As the main entities of the Call of Duty tree, it's only in recent years have we seen the two series combine, mainly through the likes of Captian Price being added into Cold War. It's limited the crossovers but confirmed they do exist in each other's canon.

This did infer that zombies could be alive within the Modern Warfare universe and leave the door open for the game mode to be played within Infinity Ward's games, but they've remained dead so far. 

However, a brand-new Easter egg has been found in Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered, three years after its release. It seemingly confirms zombies do exist in the series.

Broadcast by popular Zombies mogul Jon "MrDalekJD" Hutchinson, there is a zombie alive and well in The Gulag, which can be found in the mission where you break out Captain Price from the Russian war prison.

New Easter egg hints that Zombies could come to the Modern Warfare series 

The Easter egg shows a zombie locked within one cell of the prison - presumably, the locked one which you blow up in the steps to crack the egg. The brain-hungry monster boasts the typical yellow eyes of the undead flesh-eaters in Treyarch's storylines.

Even though we only see the zombie for three seconds, it does come as the first time that we've seen this canonical crossover, which further ignites the hope that someday we will see the Zombies series continued every single year through both series.

Unfortunately, we have had the current Modern Warfare 2 title since this Easter egg was made, and no further crossovers have been found. Well, not yet. 

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