The alpha run of Call of Duty: Cold War has been uploaded to the PlayStation Network under the name 'The Red Door'

15:56, 09 Jun 2020

Call of Duty 2020 has been uploaded to the PlayStation Network under the name ‘The Red Door’. On you can find the recent patches for games, and an unreleased game named ‘The Red Door’ has been found to actually be hiding Call of Duty 2020.

Dataminer TheGamingRevolution has found that the file ‘CUSA20074’ is actually an alpha version of Call of Duty 2020. By inspecting the file you will find the following code:


With further inspection, you can clearly see part of the code is ‘COD2020INTALALPHA1’.

The file can actually be downloaded in full, as part of a 71.4Gb bundle, however, the game is still unplayable. It will merely download the patches and not the base game. This does, however, indicate that the game is close to being introduced to the public, and could be revealed at the PlayStation 5 event on June 11th.

As seen in TGR’s video, this is not the first time that Call of Duty developers have done this, with them placing Black Ops 3 on a similar site under ‘Northwoods’ before its release.

Furthermore, TGR states that other dataminers have begun to decrypt the codes and found the following files within the game:

  • MP – Multiplayer
  • ZM – Zombies
  • WZ – Warzone
  • CP – Campaign/CO-OP
  • WZZM – Warzone Zombies?

Zombies have been confirmed to be returning in typical Treyarch fashion and we have already been introduced to what they could look like. The ‘WZZM’ suggests that Zombies could also make its way to Warzone, in the same way they were in Blackout. This all but confirms that Warzone will continue its progression through Call of Duty: Cold War, the first time that the Black Ops and Modern Warfare sub-franchises will be connected.

The Red Door reference ties in well with the Cold War theme too, with many links to the Red Army and USSR of whom were one of the main sides in the Cold War.

This reveal shows that Call of Duty 2020 isn’t far off, so stay tuned here at GGRecon for future updates.

Image via PlayStation

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