TheGamingRevolution leaks that the next Call of Duty will be a Black Ops reboot rather than Black Ops 5

17:50, 19 Mar 2020

TheGamingRevolution has reported that the next Call of Duty game will be a reboot of the Black Ops series, like how Activision has done Modern Warfare.

With previous leaks on how the new Black Ops zombies will be set during the Cold War, alike Black Ops 1, TheGamingRevolution reveals that much of the content will be based on Vietnam. It is likely that the campaign will take a deeper look into the proxy wars which happened during the Cold War, and stray away from Mason and his ‘numbers’.

However, Alex Mason and the hugely popular, Sergeant Woods are set to return. The campaign is due to recap the real-life events of the Vietnam War from multiple perspectives as apposed to Mason’s interrogation and brainwashing.

TheGamingRevolution also suggests the name of the game will either be ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ or ‘Call of Duty: Black Operations’ rather than the anticipated Black Ops 5.

He also states that 32v32 ground war will be returning in multiplayer. Set on an icy map the game mode will contain five flags, and in typical Treyarch fashion, will have 3 primary lanes. Included within this are multiple vehicles such as snowmobiles for much quicker movement, and tanks for those who prefer heavy armoury reinforcement.

One of the more controversial points of the leak is regarding health regeneration. The new game is set to not have automatic regeneration and will work off a similar model to the ‘stim shot’ in Black Ops 4. This could change in the future, after the game testing, and potentially change to the model that we have in Modern Warfare where it is an optional perk for quicker regeneration.

In addition to the previous leaks around zombies, the leak also suggests that features such as perks, and pack-a-punch will remain available, with potential for more perks. It may also see the return of TranZit, or a TranZit styled map.

Unfortunately, there is no news for the Warzone fans, on whether there will be a Battle-Royale mode, however, this may be introduced at a later stage of the game like we have seen this year.

For more updates, keep an eye out at GGRecon as we will be releasing updates and leaks as soon as they are announced.

Image by Activision

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