Borderlands 3 Is Currently Free On PC

Borderlands 3 Is Currently Free On PC
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Tom Chapman


20th May 2022 11:10

It's hard to believe it's only been three years since Borderlands 3 released as the long-awaited sequel to the lauded Borderlands 2. While the 2012 title is almost universally accepted as the best the Borderlands series has ever been and likely ever will be, Borderlands 3 is a worthy successor and is an underrated Return of the Jedi of the main trilogy.

Still, with Borderlands 3 causing quite the buzz back in 2019, we imagine most people who were going to play it would've added it to their collection long ago. Then again, with Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and an upcoming live-action movie on the way with Jamie Lee Curtis and Jack Black, there are sure to be newcomers to the looter legend.

Is Borderlands 3 Free To Play?

Whether you're new to Pandora or just never got around to playing Borderlands 3, you'll be happy to know it's currently free. This isn't some Game Pass or PS Plus deal, if you head over to the Epic Games Store right now, you'll be able to grab Borderlands 3 for absolutely nothing.

The Epic Mega Sale is running from May 19 to June 16 and boasts over 1600 titles that will have their prices slashed by up to 75%. There are also some AAA titles that won't cost a penny. The first of those big releases is Borderlands 3 going free between now and May 26. So, you'd better be quick.

Sticking with BorderlandsTiny Tina's Wonderlands is getting 20% off, while every Epic Games account will be given a 25% coupon to use on purchases over $14.99. So, if nothing takes your fancy in the sale, you can look further afield. After Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel ditched the main story, we were back in the action for Borderlands 3. Even if we didn't have the sneering Handsome Jack, the Calypso Twins made up for the chaos.


What's Next For Borderlands?

Borderlands 3 Promo
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Now that Borderlands 3 is free (albeit temporarily), it's sure to spark conversation on what's next. Although Gearbox is yet to officially announce Borderlands 4, Randy Pitchford said they're working on the "big one" last year. Things have been quiet since then, but with the likes of Summer Game Fest on the way, there's plenty of room for announcements in  2022. 

In a move no one expected, we're also told more is on the way from Tiny Tina's. Although it might not seem like the most marketable spin-off, that teeny terror is expected to return for her third solo outing. Apparently, Wonderlands did so well, the publisher could be looking at expanding it further. Whether Borderlands 4 or more from Tiny Tina, go back to Borderlands 3 to remind yourselves why the series is far from over.


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