Blindfolded Super Mario 64 Player Gets All 120 Stars

Blindfolded Super Mario 64 Player Gets All 120 Stars
Bubzia | Twitch

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Mel Ramsay


11th May 2022 16:12

A Twitch streamer has done what many would consider impossible, and managed to get all 120 stars in Super Mario 64. Oh, and also he was blindfolded. Most of us struggled to master 1996 platformer with both eyes, let alone none. 

This incredible feat goes to show that the games we all played when we were younger are either A) a lot easier than we ever thought they were or B) some of us have played them to death - to the point we don't even have to look at the screen in order to play them.

Who Is The Streamer Who Got All 120 Stars In Super Mario 64?

The man behind the superhuman feat is a Twitch streamer named Bubzia. From what we can find out about him, he's based in Germany and has made a bit of a hobby out of doing speedruns while blindfolded. Yup, this isn't his first. 

On his Patreon page, Bubzia writes: "Hey, my name is Bubzia! I have the strange hobby of playing games as fast as possible without looking: Blindfolded Speedruns! Yes, I spend most of my free time figuring out creative ways to beat games faster and more consistent than before, and then perform it live in my streams on Twitch."

According to the streamer, it was the world's first and only completion of this category by Bubzia. He states that it took him 11 hours 22 minutes and 43 seconds, and he completed the challenge on May 8, 2022. Revealing how long he's spent perfecting his craft, Bubzia said: "I started this project in March 2021 and now finally after 1 year and 2 months, around 700 hours of practice and multiple failed attempts, I pulled through and managed to finish! This run is done single-segment and without outside help, which means that I have no other information available than my own memory and the game audio. There were also no unblindfolded breaks taken during the entire run."


What Has Bubzia Said About The Super Mario 64 Speedrun?

On his YouTube page, Bubzia wrote: "I am extremely glad I pushed through the hardships of this run and managed to finish. It took so much time and effort to get to this point, but I learned extremely much during this journey and am incredibly thankful for all the support I got from all the people.

"I am very happy with the time, besides the 2 major mistakes in SSL and SL this run was incredibly good. Most of the hardest stars in the run were first try or at least decently fast." From Bob-Omb Battlefield through to a well-earned slice of Princess Peach's cake, Bubzia's gruelling endeavour is one to behold. And you thought beating Demon's Souls with Donkey Kong bongos was hard. You can check out his other speedruns on his YouTube page here


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