A full breakdown of another incredible day at Blast Premier as OG take the day with an amazing overtime win against the Evil Geniuses

00:07, 15 Feb 2020

It was a long day for OG and EG - but especially the latter, who played out 96 rounds only to lose in Overtime on map three in one of the weirdest, scrappiest series in a long time. G2 pulled off a surprisingly convincing 2-0 to defeat Australians 100 Thieves, who will face a tough elimination game against the Americans tomorrow.

100 Thieves vs G2

100T might have lost the pistol, but they slapped back with the Deagles and Scouts in round two. jks took down two with the Deagle and AZR held down the other side of the map on a Scout.

But G2 struck right back, breaking the economy and surviving - just - the next two anti-ecos to go 4-1 up. When the guns came out, it was all 100T, though, as they won the next six in a row. 

jks won a 1v2 to rescue a round, liazz flanked the whole map to close out a 2v2 and despite a double Deagle headshot from kennyS, 100T held the catwalk down. After a failed B rush, G2 bucked up their ideas and brute forced themselves out long for their fifth round. 

kennyS brought them number six, denying the liazz 1v2 with a dirty quickscope after a last second plant. After some exchanged rounds, liazz did get his 1v2, stealing away the half time lead for 100T in the final round.

100T got out long on the pistol and took it, but then abused B. They hit it over and over, forcing G2 to stick three players on it, and they still struggled to hold it after nexa whiffed a golden opportunity. 100T went 12-8 up, but G2 were proactive in flanking out the A players and sniffing out the fake to B to get 9. 100T got one more, but G2 mounted a comeback.

JaCKz opened fire with three filthy kills on round 25, before an unfortunate disconnect left jks staring at a wall and not the flanking G2 duo who quickly ended the round to move G2 into a 14-13 lead. AmaNEk got 15 holding B with an AWP, and G2 closed out Dust 2 simply next round.

100T started Vertigo on fire, rushing into a 5-0 lead. Some absolutely filthy headshots on the pistol got jks a 4k start, and despite a wallbang entry from JaCKz, G2 got nothing again. 100T stood in G2’s smokes and betrayed them on the retake for 5-0, and though G2 got one back, Gratisfaction sniped down three for 6-1.

kennyS had had enough. He AWPed three on the entrance to A, including Grat, to get G2 a second, and another two A hits got them back in it. G2 blitzkrieged into B finally, taking out four for no return.

100T got two more thanks to a B hold and a liazz flank, but a nexa double got G2 a 7th round that looked unlikely. kennyS popped two on CT pistol, and G2 just hung on for the anti-eco despite a nice try from liazz. Once on the guns, 100T took out everyone on A and doubled back to B for the plant, as the game heated up to a 10-9, in favour of G2.

After a clean anti-eco, 100T looked to have the next round sewn up, but a crazy retake from G2 got them 11. The teams swapped rounds til 12-12, but with G2 on an eco, nexa stole a Krieg and wreaked havoc, somehow once again performing the miracle retake on A.

This galvanised G2, and JaCKz snuck out with a tight defuse after an instant headshot, and G2 could close it out holding down B.

OG vs Evil Geniuses

stanislaw opened up with two pistol headshots playing round a smoke, but OG immediately woke up. Five on the bounce came for OG, as ISSAA and valde lay waste to the A site with Galils on the force-buy, and Brehze tried his best to win back the economy with a CZ triple, but it wasn’t enough.

It was Brehze who ended the streak, though, doing massive damage from pit, picking up four kills and an assist with a crazy play. ISSAA could and maybe should have won a post plant on the B site, but missed a crucial shot with mantuu’s AWP that he requested. 

CeRq then missed a shot on the other site allowing valde to crack open the defence, before Tarik then re-broke the economy with a CZ75 double. EG tried to run down mid and got picked by mantuu’s AWP, gifting a round away, and OG went in to half time 9-6 up.

Aleksi flashed his own team to make the retake harder on the pistol, but once again OG stole round two with a force-buy. This time though, EG fought back with an unorthodox round of their own, with Tarik stalling just long enough to deny the defuse.

EG snuck away a few rounds in a row, including an unlikely 3v4 on the B site. valde and NBK- multikills got OG back into it, but a messy force-buy got EG their 14th, and a fake ending at A got them 15. Aleksi got OG back to 14, but Tarik got a triple entry onto A to end the map 16-14 for EG.

Nuke was a bit insane. Aleksib found two CZ75 headshots on the CT pistol to retake 2v3, and OG actually cleaned up to go 3-0 up. Brehze, however, won a ridiculous 1v2 in a round that should have been lost, taking down ISSAA with little time remaining. 

The Jordanian immediately made up for it with a triple spraydown on A to get OG a 4th, before EG went on a rampage. They nicked a round away with P250’s and Deagles on the B site, and abused the outside weakness to get another two. OG, in retaliation, went aggressive outside, but were shut down immediately. 

EG hit B again, and won again. A rare miss from mantuu gave EG another opening that they took with aplomb, but the Brit struck back with a Deagle double to get OG back into the game. They pushed outside again and NBK got two, and then they held A for seven.

Then the craziness started - valde won a completely nonsense 1v4 that looked lost with a P250 in the pistol round, and another 1v2 in the first gun round. EG somehow won a 2v4 on the A site flying out of heaven, in another odd round.

As OG hit A again, Brehze and Tarik ran through a molotov and Brehze hit a naughty spray transfer to win the retake. OG swarmed A again after finding a chink in the armour outside and cleaned up, putting them in the drivers seat.

Aleksib got a double on aggressive CT’s for 14, but EG managed to sneak back into the game. At 15-14 to OG, it went down to the wire - but ISSAA held his nerve to grenade CeRq to win the map.

On Dust 2, it started with a B rush, as it often does. NBK shut it down with a triple on the P2000, this time. ISSAA got hyped after a three kill round on the first gun round, but as happened so much today, EG broke back with Deagles. 

valde picked up the AWP and picked out three - though it did require CeRq to miss a free chance. NBK got OG up to five with a defuse under Tarik’s nose in the 1v1, but a messy CT side saw the teams swap play-for-play, round-for-round. Brehze got a nasty 4k, but mantuu one-upped him with an outrageous ace with the AWP.

It was 8-7 to EG at the half as they fought back extremely well, and a sumptuous USP round from Tarik saw him leaving with four kills. But once again, a Galil buy from OG was enough after valde got two entries into the site. 

EG hit some crazy shots to steal it back again, with a Scout headshot from CeRq and some CZ madness from Brehze, and EG moved into the lead, up to 13-8 when EG held down B. Another B split was shut down by stanislaw, and it looked like EG had it in the bag.

A double from valde and ISSAA respectively got OG into B eventually, and this was the flap of the butterfly’s wings that caused a tornado. Everything clicked into place, and OG’s T side was insatiable, all the way back up to 14-14.

Brehze, again, was the catalyst, getting EG back in the lead with a mad double on short, but NBK lurked up that same position to close out 15-15. stan and Ethan kept B on lockdown again two rounds in a row, but OG found a hole at long and made a crack out of it for 17-16.

They needed three in a row to win it, and that’s what they found. They won a long fight to equalise, before a stunning 5v5 retake for 18. With the game in the balance, ISSAA swept up with three kills on A to win OG the game.



Image via Blast Premier

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