Bethesda Wowed By Live-Action Fallout 76 Trailer

Bethesda Wowed By Live-Action Fallout 76 Trailer
Images via Bethesda | YouTube Infectious Designer

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Tom Chapman


17th Nov 2022 12:34

If you haven't heard of Amazon's live-action Fallout series, chances are you've probably been locked in an underground vault to escape nuclear winter as part of some sadistic experiment. 

The streaming giant is grabbing headlines with a live-action God of War series, but let's not be sleeping on the monumental challenge of bringing Bethesda's Fallout to life on the small screen.

If Fallout is a hit, it could be TV's next big thing and get a multi-season order akin to Paramount's Halo. Beyond that, what about spin-offs and expanding the IP further?

Now, one Fallout fan has imagined a live-action Fallout 76 series that could redeem the divisive multiplayer title that's never really escaped its disastrous launch. 

What Is The Live-Action Fallout 76 Trailer?

The live-action Fallout 76 trailer comes courtesy of YouTube channel Infectious Designer. The trailer plays out with some typically happy Americana before the bombs drop during the Great War of 2077. 

We then jump to post-war, as "survivors" make their way around this apocalyptic wasteland with their finest armour and scavenged weaponry. You'll hear familiar voice lines from the Brotherhood of Steel's Roger Maxon, Julie the DJ, and Scribe Grant's plea.

All in all, the concept trailer looks like an actual piece of marketing Bethesda could've used for Fallout 76. It seems we aren't the only ones to think so because the official Fallout Twitter shared the trailer and said it left them speechless.

Others reacted to the trailer. One wrote, "Verry good! the only thing that is sad is that the game is Fallout 76 and not Fallout 5." Another added, "So take these guys, the Nuka Break guys, and give them that sweet Amazon money."

What Went Wrong With Fallout 76?

There was a lot of negativity in the comments, with the typical cry of "dead game." It was much the same when Bethesda celebrated Fallout's 25th anniversary and put a lot of focus on Fallout 76

Fallout 76 pitched itself in a unique position of the Fallout timeline as being chronologically the first game in the series. Sadly, this didn't help the 2018 multiplayer when it released and largely did away with everything that made the other Fallout games great.

Who seriously thought any Fallout game could fly without NPCs? While things have been turned around since, it's too little, too late, for many with Fallout 76

Infectious Designer's work is still impressive, and even if Amazon doesn't quickly snap them up for the upcoming series, Bethesda should hire them to make the eventual Fallout 5 advert.

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