A guide to the best LW3-Tundra Class & Attachments for Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer.

15:16, 12 Nov 2020

The bolt-action rifles in Call of Duty have forever been some of the most satisfying weapons to get kills with and the LW3-Tundra is no different. While a clear picture on the relative weapon strength is still hazy and will remain so for a while given likely balance adjustments, the Black Ops Cold War LW3-Tundra attachments at least currently have impressed in Alpha play - especially on longer-range maps like Armada. With the increased TTK in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you can take a bullet before you have to retaliate while the LW3-Tundra punches opponents with forgiving centre mass one-shot potential.


For a steady shot, the LW3-Tundra should be your go-to weapon. 

  • Barrel - 27.6” Paratrooper
  • Underbarrel - Marshal Foregrip
  • Body - Steady Aim Laser
  • Magazine - 7 RD Speed Mag
  • Handle - Mike Force Rear Grip

This loadout keeps you agile enough to fight anyone outside of close range and especially those with quick reflexes stand to gain. This loadout is well-balanced in the things you can do with it. With a sniper, you, of course, want to stay out of the effective range of SMG and shotguns (though your secondary helps you there) while being able to outgun them on mid to long-range at high accuracy rates.

If you don’t want to run Wild Card: Perk Greed but instead run Wild Card: Gunfighter, which we generally would recommend against, Iron Sights, Sound Moderator and Sprint Pad will work best with this loadout. Six perks will beat that loadout most of the time though. 


Quickscoping is the pride and joy of any marksman's’ skill set and is a craft that needs perfecting. It will mean enhancing the ADS speed which can be done through the wise choice of attachments.

  • Barrel - 28.4” Extended
  • Underbarrel - Marshal Foregrip
  • Stock - Sprint Pad
  • Magazine - 7 RD Speed Mag
  • Handle - Quickdraw Handle

These attachments minimise scope in time on the LW3-Tundra, allowing you to use it in mid and long-range scenarios like you would with Kar98k in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This loadout isn’t made for a sitting back idle and picking people off in the distance while roleplaying military snipers but rather gets up close with the enemy and requires you to have solid first bullet accuracy. With this blend, you’ll have the best LW3-Tundra class & attachments in Black Ops Cold War for Quickscoping.

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