Bella Ramsey sparks debate on divisive The Last of Us finale

Bella Ramsey sparks debate on divisive The Last of Us finale
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28th Apr 2023 12:44

It was the decision that caused a thousand rows back in 2013, but when HBO's live-action The Last of Us series recreated the finale of Naughty Dog's game, you can bet the internet exploded again.

Ahead of The Last of Us' March 12 finale, we were warned it would split fandom down the middle. Now, series star Bella Ramsey on whether Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) made the right decision by potentially dooming humanity.

What happened in The Last of Us finale?

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us Season 1 finale
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To catch you up on what happened in The Last of Us Season 1 finale, Joel and Ellie find themselves in the Firefly hospital in Salt Lake City, where he learns a team of scientists are trying to manufacture a cure from Ellie's immunity. Unfortunately, the procedure will kill her.

Although Marlene (Merle Dandridge) allows Joel to live, he goes on a killing spree where he shoots those inside the facility, rescues Ellie, and ultimately murders Marlene in cold blood. The episode ends with Joel lying to Ellie, claiming that the hospital was attacked by raiders and Marlene was killed. 

An unconvinced Ellie pretends to buy the story, although we guess there will be ramifications further down the line. We've already heard what showrunner Craig Mazin would've done, with the series overseer saying he's flipped between both decisions. But, what about Ramsey?

Bella Ramsey reacts to Joel's decision

Joel rescuing Ellie in The Last of Us Season 1 finale
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Discussing Joel's decision to save Ellie instead of take a punt on a cure, Ramsey told L'Officiel, "It's like the trolley problem. I don't really know what I'd do. It depends on who the person was and it depends on how messed up humanity is."

In the games, it's implied that Ellie is one of many test subjects, with it never having worked before. In the series, it seems she's the first to undergo the treatment, suggesting that it's more of a gamble. Then again, it's more possible that the Fireflies could've extracted a cure.

Saying she's not mad, Bella Ramsey says she can understand why Ellie would be annoyed at Joel: "Ellie is mad obviously because [being the cure] was her purpose. That's what she was. She felt like she actually mattered and, ironically, Joel took away that purpose from her because she mattered so much to him."

Looking at what she would've done, Ramsey concluded, "I think she would have saved Joel, which would have been even more stupid because Joel’s pretty old." Ultimately, Joel's choice on that fateful day will have major ramifications heading into Season 2 - especially if anyone is a golf fan. Insert eye emoji here.

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