ApparentlyJack Opens Up About Mental Health Amid Streaming Hiatus And RLCS Downturn

ApparentlyJack Opens Up About Mental Health Amid Streaming Hiatus And RLCS Downturn

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Jack Marsh


27th May 2022 13:32

European Rocket League's newest star man Jack "ApparentlyJack" Benton has quickly become one of the more popular players on the game, rapidly growing his YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter platforms with daily streams and uploads, alongside his rigorous professional career.

However, off-field circumstances have seen Jack take a step away from content and Dignitas' results begin to falter. He's now opened up to his fan base as to why - and that he's back on the grind to get Dignitas a spot at the upcoming Major.

ApparentlyJack Opens Up About Unbalanced Lifestyle

Taking to a recent YouTube upload where he takes on Team Falcons' Mohammed "trk511" Alotaibi (a 16-year-old MENA prodigy) in a 1v1 game, Jack discussed the impact of losing a friend and the pressures of working harder than anybody else.

"I've been dealing with a few personal issues recently. Unfortunately, I had a good friend of mine pass away mid-Regional 1," he began. "I had to take some time off for that and it just started a chain reaction. I started spiralling down from there and I got into a really bad frame of mind."

"I had to just step away from Rocket League for a little bit, to be honest. All of you guys who know me, hopefully, know me as a hard worker. I have two channels that I tried to upload consistently, I stream on Twitch, sometimes for three hours or so. I do a lot in this game and try and get the most out of it, as you guys know."

"And I think that led to affecting other areas of my life. I had to take a step away from the game, YouTube, and streaming in general," he added.


ApparentlyJack Details How His Mentality Affected Dignitas Results

Continuing about how his mental health affected his play with Dignitas, ApparentlyJack continued, "I know a lot of you are Dignitas fans so I wanted to give a little bit of an explanation. Obviously, Regional 1 was my fault. Well, the situation happened and a found out mid-series, and from then on, I don't even remember the other games. I kind of just wiped it out of my memory. I couldn't focus and didn't want to focus. Everyone understood."

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After detailing that his understandably low mental state saw Kyle "ScrubKilla" Robertson and Joris "Joreuz" Robben also become affected, ApparentlyJack has now said that they're willing to give it all and make a surprise run in the third regional to qualify for the London Major. 

Dignitas would need to effectively win the third EMEA Regional to qualify for the Major, or at least reach the final and hope that results go their way. However, it's great to see ApparentlyJack back and ready, especially with the EU region looking as exciting as ever.


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