Apex Legends players slam 'scam' Legendary stickers for 'diluting' loot pool

Apex Legends players slam 'scam' Legendary stickers for 'diluting' loot pool
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Alex Garton


29th Mar 2024 11:45

Apex Legends character skins and gun camos are the main attraction for players when purchasing packs - as well as the slim chance at Heirloom Shards.

While finishing animations, banners, and poses can be disappointing, they're still solid additions to the loot pool. On the other hand, stickers, gun charms, and holosprays remain a major problem for some Apex fans, as very few members of the community actually care about them.

In the eyes of a lot of players, they dilute the cosmetic pool and make it harder to obtain the skins they want. Well, this issue has only got worse with the Shadow Society Collection Event, as Respawn has added Legendary Stickers to packs, which are already being labelled as a "scam."

Apex Legends community hate "scam" Legendary stickers


Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user e-photographer voiced their frustration over the dev's decision to include Legendary Stickers in Apex packs. In their opinion, the goal was clearly to "dilute the already diluted pool," with it now feeling like you rarely get the cosmetics you're hoping for.

According to them, the single event pack they could afford granted them stickers, which they are labelling as an outright "scam." Others in the thread agree, arguing this began a long time ago with collectables that no one wanted being thrust into the loot boxes.

"Been this way since they started diluting the loot pool with complete garbage like holosprays and gun charms," said one user, with another claiming, "The model sucks and the corporate greed is even worse, will continue as long as the whales keep funding it."

Apex Legends fans flame Shadow Society as "worst event to date"

Pathfinder spy skin
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If that wasn't enough, the feedback for the Shadow Society update as a whole has been poor, with some fans calling it the "worst event to date."

For them, the LTM is sub-par, and the skins being only obtained through packs are specifically designed to garner as much profit as possible.

"Worst event to date, at least in the final fantasy event you could buy some of the skins you wanted directly, here they force you to gamble via packs," said one user, with another arguing, "The limited-time gamemode sucks major balls as well IMO, you respawn way too far from a zone."

It's safe to say the latest patch has missed the mark for Respawn, but as the devs always have their eye on feedback from the community, let's hope they're listening.

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