Apex Legends fans want devs to add more ‘dumb fun’ LTMs

Apex Legends fans want devs to add more ‘dumb fun’ LTMs
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Alex Garton


28th Nov 2023 17:10

The bread of butter of Apex Legends will always be the standard BR mode, and of course, hyper-competitive Ranked for those who want to take the challenge to the next level.

While these are always solid, everyone needs a break from the standard formula occasionally and a chance to have some "dumb fun."

That's where limited-time modes like Three Strikes, Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control come into play. Well, Apex players want Respawn to stop putting so many resources into Ranked, and instead, focus on creating as many "wacky" LTMs as possible.

Apex Legends community want more "wacky" LTMs

The casual Apex Legends community are tired of hearing about Ranked and wants the devs to prioritise making more LTMs.

From their perspective, these modes provide a "unique experience" and strictly focus on allowing players to have as much "fun" as possible. This is in stark contrast to the standard BR mode that can often get toxic with so many competitors desperate to secure a win.

"Yes absolutely! I consider myself a casual player and loved just the dumb fun that was three strikes, would love to see more silly modes like this," said one user, with another arguing, "100% they should add loads of wacky game modes to mix tape, Apex is so much more fun when it's casual and not ultra-sweat."

There has to be balance between both sides of the community, whether you're a competitor who's always focused on refining their skills, or someone who just wants to jump into the Outlands for some "wacky" fun.

OG Apex Legends throwback LTM is requested by players

Wraith Charge Rifle Apex
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One popular idea from the thread for a new LTM was to take a trip back in time and give players a massive wave of nostalgia.

Put forward by user ObsequiousOwl, they want a mode "that is just original, pre-season 1 Apex, just original characters, guns, and map."

As players and the meta have "evolved so much since then, it would be really fun/goofy to play." A chance to reminisce on the good old days would certainly be appreciated by OG fans.

Either way, there's clearly a massive demand for LTMs from the community, so if Respawn wants an easy win, creating more is the best way to go.

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