Another Fortnite X Marvel Collab Leaked For Chapter 3 Season 4

Another Fortnite X Marvel Collab Leaked For Chapter 3 Season 4
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Joseph Kime


7th Oct 2022 10:24

Of all of the crossovers that Fortnite has had over the years, its work with Marvel has been (by a wide margin) its biggest. The comic book crossovers can't seem to stop coming, with Spider-Gwen gracing this season's battle pass and a new character showing up in the game's store seemingly every week.

Fortnite's union with Marvel has been an ongoing relationship that has seriously benefitted players and Epic Games themselves alike. Given the lucrative nature of it, Epic Games would be foolish to give up now. Especially as a new Marvel character has leaked.

Is X-23 Coming To Fortnite?

After it was recently revealed that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will be making his MCU debut in Deadpool 3, it's some pretty fortunate timing that leaks claim X-23 will arrive in Fortnite during Chapter 3 Season 4. With the hype around Wolverine himself reaching a recent fever pitch, X-23 and her blades are more than welcome to join Fortnite

The potential skin has been discovered by notorious Fortnite leaker Shiina, who has revealed that a shop section titled X-23 has been added to the API. This hints that the battle royale is preparing to sell a skin based on the character. This is great news, as X-23 has always deserved more love.

Despite not having a straight-up Marvel theme, the Marvel crossovers this season have been strong. We've had plenty of X-Men skins in the past with the likes of Storm, Mystique, and multiple Wolverines, so X-23 joining the game is a great treat for fans of the comics.


Fortnite Reveals Snarky "Dead Game" Skin

It's not just love for the fans that Fortnite is putting forward with its skins. In fact, Epic is trolling many of them back. The new Checkered Past pack is currently on sale in the Fortnite shop, featuring a skin of a character that wears a black tank top with "dead game" plastered on it.

It's in response to gamers who make the same claim about Fortnite being dead, despite being perhaps the biggest game in the world for the last few years running. The skin is a cheeky addition to the shooter, and along with the upcoming X-23 skin, players have plenty to pick from when it comes to cosmetics. As though they needed more reasons to give Epic Games their money.

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