Among Us Players Are Getting Frustrated With Cheaters

Among Us Players Are Getting Frustrated With Cheaters

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Tom Chapman


5th Oct 2020 11:09

It may be the latest viral sensation to take the gaming world by storm, but that hasn't stopped some players well and truly having had enough with Among Us. Cheating is a growing problem in most modern games that have a large online presence, with everything from Call of Duty: Warzone to Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutFortnite to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds being caught in the crossfire. 

Developers have promised to clamp down with various anti-cheat systems, but when it comes to the three-man team at Among Us' InnerSloth, that's easier said than done. Following in the footsteps of Fall Guys' recent boom in popularity and struggling to cope with an exponentially expanding playerbase, it looks like Among Us has also been hit hard by those nefarious cheats. 



While Among Us' rather crude graphics and gameplay might make it look pretty cheat-proof, that hasn't stopped cheaters sneaking through the net. Posting on Twitter, there's been an influx of fans complaining about the game's rather exploitable chat function. Among Us is supposed to limit chatter to only take place during Emergency Meetings. This is enforced via the ability to only type to other gamers during that time, however, most parties take their gameplay off-server to the likes of Discord.

Even though these third-party chat apps have become an invaluable way to communicate with teammates and try to share information on who you think the Imposter/Imposters are, there's nothing to stop deceased players spoiling the fun for everyone else and exposing the murderer ahead of time. Unfortunately, there's a small minority of Among Us players doing just that.

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The arguably bigger problem is people directly hacking the game to improve their crewmate's speed and vision. These hacks are popping up more and more, sometimes allowing cheaters to determine who the Imposter is from the very start. Given that Among Us is done purely for fun - and there's no progression system - it's an odd thing to do. That being said, as Alfred Pennyworth reminded us, "Some men just want to watch the world burn". 

Now could be a great time to tackle cheaters though. InnerSloth just pulled the plug on the recently announced Among Us 2. Although players were over the moon to find out another thrilling installment was on the way, their hype was short-lived when the team announced plans had been scrapped and they were instead going to focus their efforts on expanding the first game. With more time being channeled into Among Us, the issue of cheaters hacking into the game of space Cluedo will hopefully be addressed. 


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