Destiny 2 Altar Of Reflection: How To Solve, Rewards, Locations

Destiny 2 Altar Of Reflection: How To Solve, Rewards, Locations
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25th Feb 2022 14:52

The Altar of Reflection Destiny 2 rune puzzles are one of the many features of the new Witch Queen expansion but is the only one that might leave its players with a puzzling expression.

Destiny 2 is known to throw a puzzle or two in the direction of the player, however, most of the time the answer is as clear as day. The Altar of Reflection seems to be confusing players the most with its sequencing puzzle which seemingly has no immediate answer.

Don't worry though, because we've put our puzzling hats on and are here to help you figure out not just how to solve the puzzle, but explain why you should seek them out, and how to access them in the first place. Here's our breakdown of the Altar of Reflection Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Altar Of Reflection: What Is The Altar Of Reflection?

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: A selection of eight glyph patterns.
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The Altar of Reflection Destiny 2 is a location that features a series of puzzling challenges for Guardians, that require them to decipher a collection of glyphs and discover the sequence in which they should be shot or jumped on. Narratively, the Altar of Reflection will allow you to access more of Savathun's memories, delving deep into the game's lore, but gameplay-wise, it provides some of the endgame gear that'll steadily push your light level up. 

You will first come across this area during the campaign mission, The Mirror - have a look at our full Destiny 2 Witch Queen mission list to see where this places in the story - but post-campaign it acts as its own challenge. Guardians will be able to access the Altar of Reflection Destiny 2 twice a week, with each completion pocketing players 250 Throne World reputation and some high-end legendary gear. 

The puzzle will change each week, meaning the location and the variation do too, so you need to come at each puzzle with fresh eyes - however, a majority of the time the answers do stand out quite a bit. 

Destiny 2 Altar Of Reflection: How To Access The Altar Of Reflection

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: The Investigation Board
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As a post-campaign activity, it should go without saying that you need to complete The Witch Queen campaign before jumping into this one. However, there is also some additional content you must work through before you can even gain access to the activity. 

Upon completing the campaign, head to The Enclave and approach the Investigation Board. You'll need to make your way through the Report: Resonance Comp quest before gaining access to the Report: Altar-Reflect quest, which unlocks the activity. The Altar of Reflection Destiny 2 will now show up on your map as a selectable quest, but you still must travel to it through the open world. 

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: A symbol is lined up.
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Upon each Altar of Reflection, you will be tasked with conjuring dark sight and aligning the sign of The Witch Queen. This will open a portal and allow you to teleport to the Altar of Reflection. The challenges, locations, and boss fights rotate each week, but you can expect it to be a mix of the same challenge and puzzle types. 

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Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: Catalyst

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: A symbol sequence is completed
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The first of the two Altar Reflections is titled Catalyst and is accessible from the cave nearby the landing bay. This might seem a little confusing at first, as you need to head underground to enter it.

However, if you take your sparrow to the left path - past a sinking spire - you will go through a cave with some enemies, you can then double back and around where you will find the cave entrance. This will take you deeper down and you'll need to fight through some waves of enemies before you get to where you are going. If you are tracking the mission, you will see the dark sight prompt, which will ask you to align a symbol. This will open a portal and take you to the Catalyst. 

The first of the two Altar Reflection Destiny 2 puzzles are very similar to the one carried out in the campaign, where the sequence of glyphs must be estimated. First, you will have to just guess between a collection of eight however, the puzzle then spreads out to various structures which feature three glyph tablets each. Only three odd glyphs need to be spotted at each stage. You will then face a boss battle, before moving through to discover a piece of lore concerning the Glaive. 

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: Insight

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection: A new sequence puzzle.
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The Altar of Reflection Destiny 2 up next is Insight, which can be found in the Sepulcher Lost Sector, closer to the Palace. You don't have to go all the way through. After beating the first mini-boss, the dark sight spot will reveal itself, and you must once again align a symbol. 

This challenge differs slightly, as you are tasked with jumping onto the right order of glyphs which now glow green and are dotted around the Altar. There is a far greater variety of symbols here so pay particular attention. Luckily, you will only need to find the sequence of four symbols, twice. Again you will fight a boss and discover secrets concerning the missing and returning planets of Destiny's solar system. 

This is how the Altar of Reflection Destiny 2 works in the first week of The Witch Queen. Be sure to return as we break down more of the weekly challenges that make up the Altar of Reflection.


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