With the debut franchise season coming to a close, the Call of Duty Challengers Final and Last Chance Qualifiers has been announced.

17:20, 30 Jun 2020

The Call of Duty Challengers Finals are yet to confirm a date, as announced by Jess Brohard during the Challengers Cup #5 broadcast on June 28. However, the Last Chance Qualifiers will be set for August 1-2. The Finals and LCQ will remain online, due to COVID-19.

The Challengers finals consist of a 32-team double-elimination bracket for NA and EU, and a 24-team double-elimination bracket for APAC, where the T24 Challengers Points teams (T12 for APAC) will automatically qualify for the finals. Those teams will be roster locked after the Toronto Ultra series at the end of July. However, those that do not automatically qualify can have a chance at making it to the finals through the Last Chance Qualifier: the T8 teams in NA and EU and the T4 teams in APAC will qualify.

Now let's talk about prize pools: NA will receive $250,000, EU will receive $200,000 and APAC $50,000.

Call of Duty Challengers Final

What are the Call of Duty Challengers?

The Call of Duty Challengers is an amateur league for players across the world to compete in a variety of tournaments. Originally during the debut season, players could compete in homestand tournaments, hosted by the CDL franchises. However, due to the unfortunate events of a global pandemic, both the CDL and CDC made the switch to online. Those who competed in Challengers still had the opportunity to play in the homestand and challengers cup tournaments, in their respective region.

Many players from the challenger's scene have moved up the ranks and found a new home in the Call of Duty Leagues, such as Owakening, Vivid, Spart and Mack.

And if you’ve been keeping up with the Challengers season (or not)...

Renegades have currently won 14 tournaments in a row in the APAC region. As for the EU region, the Team WaR roster has taken a total of 17 victories so far this season out of 29 tournaments. Finally in NA, Team Sixth Gear took victory last weekend in the Challengers Cup #5, as the current ones to watch, Atlanta FaZe Academy placed second.

Could we find a new champion in the finals?


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