Everything you need to know about the June 30th Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded update.

13:00, 30 Jun 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, another huge update has been released, including new maps, game modes and weapons, and some massive gun rebalances to the beloved Mp5 and Grau 5.56. Here’s everything that you need to know about the new update:


200 Player Warzone – You will now see up to 200 people land in Verdansk at one time with this recent update. Warzone is about to get chaotic. Exclusive to Quads.

Supply Run Contract – This new contract will allow you to get discounts at the buy station. Once activated, you will have a short period of time to get to a nearby Buy Station where you will get considerable discounts. The contract will allocate you a specific Buy Station that this can occur at.

Spotter Scope – A lootable object, almost like a telescope or half a binocular, this scope will allow you to scan the area in the same way a sniper does, but without the glint. You can use this to stealthily plan your routes or spot enemies.

Gulag Weapons – Semi automatic rifles, snipers and marksmen rifles, alongside “just fists and a throwing knife” are replacing the fully auto SMGs and ARs.

Weapon Balances:

RYTEC AMR – The new Sniper Rifle on the block is the RYTEC AMR. The 50. Cal rifle is a half-way house between the HDR and Dragunov, where it will take 2 shots to kill anywhere lower than the chest.

The Rytec AMR Sniper | Image via In-game Screenshot | Activision

Grau 5.56 – The Grau has finally been nerfed, with the following effects coming into play.

  • Damage range reduction
  • Slight increase in high frequency recoil (an increase in recoil when spraying your whole magazine)
  • Recoil compensation and decreased range on the Tempuse 26.4” Archangel and FSS 20.8” Nexus barrels

Mp5 – The long-standing best SMG in the game has also been nerfed, and more specifically the 10mm rounds attachment. The following have been introduced:

  • Decreased damage range
  • Decreased 10mm damage range
  • Reduced long-range damage of the 10mm ammo
  • Slight recoil increase to 10mm ammo

CR-56 AMAX – The Galil has been altered slightly, with a decreased damage range.

AK-47 – The update has buffed the AK slightly, increasing the ADS speed.

AX-50 – The three existing snipers have all had balances too, as well as some Marksmen Rifles. This is the first major balance surrounding sniping. The AX-50 has had its damage range increased.

HDR – Now has a guaranteed one-shot kill to lower torso at any range (multiplayer), dealing a minimum of 100 damage.

Dragonuv – Undergoing some major changes, the Dragonuv is now a 2-shot kill minimum. The damage has decreased slightly, however, the rate of fire and ADS speed has increased, with the recoil being decreased.

MK2 Carbine – An increase in movement speed comes at the cost of the range of the Carbine in the recent update.

Kar98k – Unlike the Carbine, the Kar’s damage range has been increase, as well as its ADS time, coming at the small expense of a wider hip fire spread.

No Stock – The no stock attachment on all weapons now has an increased weapon recoil and a decrease in aiming stability when looking down the sights

Cheshire Park | Image via in-game Screenshot | Activision


New Map – Cheshire Park will be coming to multiplayer, alongside the 24/7 playlist. The map favours close-quarters combat, with SMGs being the recommendation here.

Gunfight Tournaments Return – The 3v3 tournaments are back with new rewards. Grab your trio and compete versus 15 other teams to become victorious and earn rewards along the way.

Playlist Update - Shoot the Ship 24/7, Cheshire Park 24/7, Team Defender, Gunfight Tournaments, Blueprint Gunfights, Ground War & Realism Mosh Pit are all available.

New Operator

Roze joins the Captain Price and Gaz as the third operator available this season.

Rose | Image via activision

In addition to the main points of the update, there are also some minor bug fixes including the audio of the helicopters the final circles being inaccessible such as around Stadium.

For more Call of Duty news, stay tuned here at GGRecon.

Image via Activision

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