Albert Wesker's Dead By Daylight Mori Kill Is One For The History Books

Albert Wesker's Dead By Daylight Mori Kill Is One For The History Books
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Tom Chapman


12th Aug 2022 12:04

We're opening up the Hive once again and shuffling into a new chapter of Dead by Daylight, as two Tyrants of the horror world collide. Dead by Daylight has already given us a Resident Evil crossover, but now, there's a brand-new drop of content that brings fan-favourites Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker to the asymmetrical horror. 

The Resiverse first injected itself into Dead by Daylight in June 2021, with the first DLC putting Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and the lumbering Tyrant into Behaviour Interactive's game. Although some question why we need another content drop just over a year later, we're more than happy that more legends are joining the party. Already, it's Albert Wesker's Mori kill that is going viral online.

What Is Albert Wesker's Mori Kill?

In Dead by Daylight, the Memento Mori is a gruesome animation kill that's uniquely tied to each Killer. Fan-favourites include Scream's Ghostface taking a selfie with their victims and Hellraiser's Pinhead sucking them into another dimension. We recently covered how Moris have undergone an overhaul to make them even better - which is great news for Albert Wesker's bloody Mori.  

Twitter account DbD News shows off Wesker's Mori, which includes a new use for his mutating Uroboros virus. Here, we see Wesker's humanoid form transform into the tentacled monster we remember from Resident Evil 5. As his tentacles slither through the grass, they enter the Ada Wong and then burst out through her offices for a grisly dispatch. 

It's definitely a unique attack. Someone said, "That’s so brutal I like it," while another added, "Wow this is the most badass Mori ever." Not everyone was a fan though. One critic wrote, "Tbh I find it a bit disappointing. Wesker is a cruel and brutal character. This Mori is too soft for his persona. He was being too nice to Ada." Another concluded, "As a resident evil fan honestly I was expecting more."


What's Next For Dead By Daylight?

Following Wesker and co., we're expecting another original creation like Chapter 24's Haddie Kaur Survivor and The Dredge Killer. Dead by Daylight has given us plenty of unique characters over the past six years, but much like Fortnite's crossover skins with pop culture, it's arguably the established IPs that are making it money.

There's no shortage of potential crossovers still to come, and we repeatedly hear calls for the likes of Child's PlayCandyman, and It to make their way into DbD. Obviously, rights issues and licensing mean they'll probably cost a pretty penny(wise). Still, with so many horror franchises out there, it's a little disappointing we get another trip to Resident Evil. Then again, seeing Wesker's tendrils taking out Ada is sure to be fun for a while.

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