Aim Assist could be nerfed in Warzone Season 4

Aim Assist could be nerfed in Warzone Season 4
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Jack Marsh


14th Jun 2023 15:45

Warzone Season 4 is on the way, and with Vondel waiting to play host to our guns and grenades, there seems to be one massive change to the game waiting silently in the wings.

Having already had some game-changing and extremely positive changes revealed for Warzone - which will see health increased and bots removed from the battle royale mode - early pre-release footage of Season 4 now suggests a notorious problem in Call of Duty is being nerfed.

Aim assist has long been a problem in Call of Duty and Warzone, especially given long-range combat is more frequent. However, streamers who have already played Season 4 have now theorised that aim assist is being toned down...a lot.

Aim Assist reportedly nerfed for Warzone Season 4

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Vondel and Season 4 are set to launch today (June 14) but that doesn't mean nobody has played it before. A range of content creators were invited down to join lobbies on Vondel as game testers, where an early Season 4 build was activated alongside new guns like the Temous Razorback.

With the embargo now lifted, streamers have begun sharing their footage and opinions on Warzone Season 4, and it appears aim assist was not as "sticky" as usual in the playtests, according to Doug "Dougdagnabbit", owner of the ModernWarzone fan page.

"Something that most of us noticed at the early play session for Vondel was that aim assist felt significantly weaker," he said on Twitter.

Content creators claim Aim Assist has been toned down


Although he pointed out that this was the first time he has played on PS5 in a long time, and it could vary between platforms, Doug continued to say that he was "shooting circles,"  and he wasn't the only player doing so either.

"After watching some other people's gameplay of Vondel I'm happy to see that I wasn't the only one shooting circles," he added, which was agreed upon by fellow creator Katie Bedford.

It's not yet known if this will affect Modern Warfare 2 as well though, where aim assist is still very strong, but not as noticed as that in Warzone.

Should Aim Assist be toned down for Season 4, many Warzone players would be quite happy, and alongside the previously leaked health changes, it could be the perfect remedy to opening a well-needed skill gap for Warzone, finally.

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