Activision Promises To Upgrade Anti-Cheat Against Warzone 2 Hackers

Activision Promises To Upgrade Anti-Cheat Against Warzone 2 Hackers
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Joseph Kime


16th Sep 2022 09:27

Well, we're finally here. Warzone 2 has officially been revealed, and fans are… sceptical. Of course, a sequel to one of the biggest battle royale games on the planet comes with its own red flags, but some fans feel that the gimmicks being introduced (like a new gulag) aren't going to gel with the gameplay we expect of Warzone.

At best, Call of Duty players are cautiously optimistic at this stage, which isn't exactly the best start. But, there's one thing that everyone can get behind - a big fix to the anti-cheat measures on the game. We've heard it a million times before, but still, thank god for that.

Will Warzone 2 Get A New Anti-Cheat?

Activision Promise To Upgrade Anti-Cheat Against Warzone 2 Hackers
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After the release of the RICOCHET anti-cheat for the CoDverse, it fell prey to hackers in no time, meaning suddenly, those deploying cheats and hacks in Warzone knew what they had to do to avoid scrutiny. In many ways, RICOCHET became useless. But now, Activision has revealed that it's dedicated to improving the standing anti-cheat measures for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

"Team RICOCHET has been working with our teams to bring an upgraded and improved anti-cheat system to Modern Warfare II, with new features and mitigations to protect the game," explained the team at September 15's COD NEXT event.

Plus, that's not everything that Activision is doing to keep an eye on the cheating problem in modern Call of Duty. If stim glitches and players clipping through walls weren't enough to deal with, Warzone 2 became synonymous with whole sites dedicated to selling crafty cheaters aimbot and other nefarious workarounds. As much as Raven Software tried to ban them, they'd come back in greater number.


Activision Bans 500,000 Toxic Accounts

Not only is Activision committing to improving the anti-cheat measures for the new era of Call of Duty, but it's also taking on some of the more "toxic" accounts. Only a few days ago, the team revealed that it had banned another 500,000 "toxic" accounts and renamed over 300,000 of them. This was done in a bid to protect players from having to deal with toxicity and cheating in their games.

This news from Activision is great, but of course, we've heard it before. You only have to look back at the launch of RICOCHET, which ended with the anti-cheat measures practically getting ducked entirely. It's a great notion - but we'll believe it when we see it. As for the cheaters, we'll inevitably see you parachuting into the Warzone 2 map soon. 

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