Activision claims there are 'no false permanent bans' & CoD fans are furious

Activision claims there are 'no false permanent bans' & CoD fans are furious
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Alex Garton


11th Apr 2024 13:50

The Call of Duty community's faith in RICOCHET is at an all-time low and the devs have a lot of work to do to prove the anti-cheat is up to scratch.

Cheaters are still running rampant in BR and multiplayer, with bad actors wiping entire lobbies by sitting in the middle of maps and spinning with LMGs.

Over recent weeks, the RICOCHET team has been announcing consistent ban waves, with yesterday (April 10) being one of the biggest so far.

While thousands of accounts were suspended, some players are claiming they've been innocently punished. Activision has adamantly stated that there are "'no false permanent bans," and this hasn't exactly gone down well with the community.

Call of Duty bans over 58,000 accounts across Warzone & MW3


As showcased by popular Call of Duty account CharlieINTEL, RICOCHET banned over 58,000 accounts across Warzone and MW3 on April 9. This is a massive amount of hackers and will have a positive impact on the state of Call of Duty, at least in the short term.

However, questions have started arising about who was actually targeted, with countless competitors arguing they've been permanently banned for no reason. It's impossible to verify these claims, but it's slightly concerning how many members of the community are saying they're innocent despite being punished.

"Just got perma’d for zero reason right out of a game, I’ve never cheated nor used any unlock tools," said one user, with another saying, "I told em if I'm banned fine, but they've got evidence my account was hacked so I want my money back... They said oh we don't give refunds."

Activision claims there are "no false permanent bans" in wave of suspensions


In response to the pleas of innocence, CharlieINTEL decided to share Activision's statement on the matter, which is that there are "no false permanent bans."

Not only that, but the suspensions are "final," so there's very little chance of these bans getting reversed. The fanbase is furious about this, as they don't feel like they can trust a team that, in their eyes, is not making significant progress with the hacking problem.

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"Bold statement from Activision considering Ricochet has not worked properly since its release," said one user, with another arguing, "No false permanent bans? That’s a pretty confident statement considering nothing and no one is perfect."

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell if these players who are claiming to be innocent are telling the truth. Either way, Activision needs to rebuild the trust with the community and implement major improvements to the anti-cheat soon, as faith in the system continues to sink lower and lower.

Alex Garton
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