5 Weird And Wonderful Expensive Gaming Items

5 Weird And Wonderful Expensive Gaming Items

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Mackenzie O Brien


7th Jun 2021 12:44

We all know gaming is expensive. From controllers to consoles, there are a lot of expensive components in the gaming world. Gaming can be a pricey hobby on its own, but for fans, it can become even more expensive. Video game merchandise and virtual items can be pretty expensive, which makes gaming one of the most expensive hobbies in the world.

Some merch can be virtual, while other merch can be physical. Fans would think that a virtual item would end up being cheaper than a physical one, but that is not always the case. Fortnite skins and Team Fortress 2 hats constantly rise above the thousand dollar range, especially for high-demand or rare skins. 

Fortnite isn't the only game with expensive merch, however. There are tonnes of other games that supply even more expensive merch. There are plenty of games where the smallest or weirdest items sell for exorbitant prices on eBay or other online retailers. 

We've made note of the top five weirdest (and most wonderful) esports merchandise you can buy for a pretty penny. These items are not exactly what you'd expect when it comes to retail price, but they're highly sought after nonetheless.

5. Mareep Plush - Pokemon

Price: $500 

Plush toys can cost a lot, especially if they're life-sized. This four-foot-tall Mareep is no exception, weighing in at around $500 total. This plushie is not only sweet and huggable, but it is also quite hilarious. 

The plush went down in history via a meme from Twitter user Skooch. The viral tweet featured his girlfriend snuggling with the plush while he contemplated where all their money went.

Jokes aside, this plush Mareep is adorable and not nearly as big of a financial burden as some of the other items on our list. 


4. Amsterdam Recreation - Second Life

Cost: $50,000 

Among Us Chicken Nugget
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Back in the early 2000s, Second Life used to be all the rage in the virtual world. People flocked to the game to play with friends around the world and purchase in-game items. Like any virtual world, Second Life's in-game items could sell for quite a lot of real-world money. 

Users could buy anything from virtual accessories to virtual worlds, which meant that quite a lot of money could be spent on the game. This was exactly the case with the in-game recreation of Amsterdam, which was purchased on eBay for $50,000 back in 2007.

This world was originally purchased by an avid fan of the game but was later bought out by 3dutch.com, a Dutch firm. The firm bought the virtual Amsterdam from the lucky eBay bidder, who made a return on his investment. 


3. 1st Edition Charizard Shadowless Holo Card - Pokémon

Cost: $200,000

Fans of the series probably suspected that Pokemon would end back up on our list. Pokemon cards, much like their plush counterparts, can be quite expensive. First-print or old cards can be even more expensive than the traditional Pokemon card. 

While many people enjoy playing the trading card game, others much prefer collecting. Collectors have scoured the Pokemon collection for years, with many wondering which cards are the most expensive. 

Finally, fans have come to the conclusion that the 1st edition makes of Charizard's famous card is the most expensive. But here's the catch: the card is a misprint. Yes, you heard us right; a small batch of cards was misprinted, making them appear shadowless. This mistake was quickly corrected, but the damage was already done.

Soon, people were no longer clamouring for the original Charizard card; rather, they were hyped for the new misprint. The misprint steadily rose in price, reaching new heights. The card is currently valued at over $200,000 and is still rising. 

There are only 95 mint condition cards available, according to Pokémon fans, which makes this card a rarity. YouTuber Logic was one of the most recent people to purchase the card, which makes it truly one-of-a-kind.


2. Club NEVERDIE: Entropia

Cost: $635,000

Among Us Chicken Nugget
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Much like Second Life, Entropia is a virtual world, where users can hang out. This virtual world largely takes place in a space setting, which makes it unique. 

What makes Entropia even more unique is its extremely expensive in-game worlds and items. Like Second Life, Entropia's economy is based around the real-world economy, meaning users can exchange real money for virtual items. Oddly enough, this game has amassed some of the largest in-game purchases of all time, which put it in the Guinness Book of World Records at a point.

One of the more expensive purchases in Entropia is the now-famous Club NEVERDIE. This in-game hangout was sold several times, each of them being well over the $100,000 range. According to the developers, they made enough off of the game's tenants to pay for the initial cost of the world, which was $100,000.

The game made history when the iconic location was sold to a fan of the game for over $635,000. The game continued to make history after that, with even more expensive items selling for real-world currency. 

1. BTS Imposter Chicken McNugget: Among Us

Cost: $100,000

This chicken nugget has made headlines worldwide. The Among Us BTS Chicken Nugget was a lucky find in a nugget meal. McDonald's was offering BTS-inspired Chicken McNuggets for a limited time, which many fans joked appeared to look like an Among Us imposter. 

The joke took on a bit literally when users started listing the nuggets on eBay. One particular nugget, however, would soar to heights no imposter ever dreamed of. 

After the nugget was listed on eBay, the bidding war slowly started to build, until the nugget was priced at around $34,000. This was the exact time that the internet started to take notice, which only escalated the bidding war.

Throughout June 2 and June 3, the nugget grew in price until it hit $99,997.00. After this, the bidding ended, with one lucky buyer taking home the expensive nugget.

eBay user polizna is to thank you for this lovely piece of internet history. His Among Us nugget took the internet by storm, which got the attention of both the Among Us developers and Xbox on Twitter.

After the developers took notice, polizna updated the nugget's description on eBay, stating that the lucky winner would also receive McDonald's famous Szechuan Sauce upon bidder request.

The bid ended early on June 4, which has generated a lot of hype in the gaming community. Many others are attempting to create their listing of vaguely imposter shaped McNuggets, which haven't seen nearly as much success as polizna's listing.

While not the most expensive item on our list by far, the Among Us McNugget takes the cake for the weirdest video game merch sold online.

We hope you enjoyed our list of wild and wonderful video game merchandise. These items have earned their place in Internet history and collectors' wishlists. We'll see what the rest of 2021 brings to the table, although we aren't expecting another Among Us McNugget any time soon. 


Images via eBay |  Linden Labs | MindArk

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