15 years later, Black Ops 6 could finally give us justice for Bowman

15 years later, Black Ops 6 could finally give us justice for Bowman
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Jack Marsh


29th May 2024 17:33

While the Black Ops characters might not be as memorable as those in Modern Warfare, the series' first title will always hold a place in my mind - and other players' - for the most brutal death in Call of Duty at that time.

The death of Joseph Bowman came just one year after we'd just mourned over Ghost in MW2, and while it might not be the gut-wrencher that came with Shepherd's betrayal, I'll always remember the point-blank massacre of the Black Ops 1 character before we were forced to play Russian Roulette.

Now, we might finally be able to get justice for Bowman, as Black Ops 6 teases the return of his son.

Black Ops 6 art teases William Bowman Operator

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In the Black Ops reboot, many players were hopeful that we might get to operate with Bowman again, as the timeline might have allowed for him to be alive. 

But the character, played by Ice Cube, has yet to appear in the series again. His son has though.

William Bowman was first introduced to the Call of Duty community in the lead-up to Black Ops Cold War, as he was featured in the Pawn Takes Pawn teasers, where he wrongly interrogated someone accused of being the antagonist known as Perseus, claiming that he was the reason Bowman senior was dead.

Now, despite not featuring in Cold War's campaign, players are convinced that he has just been used as the face of the Black Ops 6 marketing campaign, featuring on the cover art.

It's the first time that a Black Ops cover art character has shown their face, having previously remained hooded or under a mask/helmet, which might also see them become an in-game Operator for the first time.

Should Bowman Junior feature in Black Ops 6, it could serve as a nice way of coming full circle and seeing William (and by extension, us players), get revenge for the death of a much-loved hero.

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Black Ops 6's campaign will see the return of Woods and Adler, who have been confirmed already, alongside Saddam Hussein.

Jack Marsh
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