100 Thieves Win Red Bull Home Ground

100 Thieves Win Red Bull Home Ground
Red Bull

Written by 

Jack Marsh


11th Dec 2022 19:37

In one of the most convincing tournament performances that we've seen in VALORANT so far, 100 Thieves has become the Red Bull Home Ground champions.

Having eased through the group stages with an unbeaten record, and only dropping two maps in the process, 100 Thieves continued their dominance over the competition in Manchester by comfortably dealing with Cloud9 in the Grand Final 3-0.

The established roster utilised a wide map pool in the final, winning on Bind, Fracture, and Icebox on their journey to becoming champions.

With both hands on the trophy, the 100 Thieves roster also collects a thumping $50,000 cheque in prize money.

The Red Bull Home Ground championship victory breeds well for 100 Thieves who will take this momentum into the brand-new franchised VALORANT Champions Tour format.

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