Vertagear PL6800 review: "A fantastic option for tall gamers"

Vertagear PL6800 review: "A fantastic option for tall gamers"
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Harry Boulton


16th Feb 2023 13:41

The Vertagear PL6800 is the largest entry in their new 800 Series of gaming chairs, proposing the perfect seating experience for users on the taller end.

While it may not look too dissimilar to other gaming chairs from a first inspection, the PL6800 incorporates a number of high-end features that should hopefully make gaming and working at your desk as comfortable as possible.

So, to see all of our thoughts after using the chair, check out our full Vertagear PL6800 review below.

A taller perspective

Vertagear PL6800 Review
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The first thing that immediately drew me to the Vertagear PL6800 specifically over the other models in the 800 series was the fact that is specifically designed for taller individuals. While there is an abundance of high-back chairs on the market, I was intrigued to see how Vertagear has changed the design to accommodate my longer frame.

Admittedly I am not the tallest person out there, falling in the middle of Vertagear's recommended height range of 5'9"-6'8" at around 6'2", but I have still found myself to be oversized for most chairs I've owned before. However, this could not be less of the case with the PL6800.

Not only was the back high enough to support my torso with room to spare, it was also plenty wide enough to fit my rather broad shoulders too. Before I received the chair I was worried that my shoulders would awkwardly press against the protruding frame, but they fit comfortably inside with enough room to move around too.

One of the key features that affords the wider range of heights too is the ContourMax lumbar support, which moulds itself to each individuals specific back shape as opposed to any adjustable lumbar support. It is constructed of a memory foam panel and then four TPEE lumbar support modules which form to the shape of your back.

This did take a day or two to get used to initially, but beyond that it has perfectly supported my back - even after a full work day. The only potential downside of this is if you're fond of mesh backs, as this is obviously far less breathable.

However, while obviously nowhere near as free-flowing as mesh could be, the HygennX material that covers the lumbar section of the chair alleviates any heat build up or stickiness that you might get from other chair covers.

Breathability & comfort

Vertagear PL6800 Review
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This also very much extends to what they call the VertaAir seat, which is both extremely comfortable and does a great job of avoiding any heat buildup. Internally the seat 'cushion' is made up of eight hexagonal air pillars which recirculate air to ensure breathability and comfort.

It is immediately noticeable how much comfier this style of seat was compared to my previous chair's standard cushion, as it felt like the chair was moulding to me instead of just offering something relatively soft to sit on. As a result, I have not felt any discomfort at all since I started using the chair, which was a very welcome change.

The seat is also very much big enough to encourage movement and adjustments to your position, which is encouraged to avoid any fatigue issues. The length of the seat also helped support my longer legs, with a slight slope at the end to further add to the comfort.

There were some rare occurrences where I could feel the hexagonal pillars inside of the seat a bit too prominently which, while not uncomfortable at all, did feel a bit weird or illusion-breaking. Furthermore, there were some instances where the seat cover would annoyingly bunch up if I moved in a certain way, but that was quickly able to be fixed by hand.

I can also only offer immense praise for the various adjustable features that the PL6800 has on offer. The 4D armrests were a particular favourite of mine, as I very much prefer my arms to be rested in different positions depending on what task I am doing.

Final thoughts

Finally, the build process itself was a mostly stress free. From the perspective of actually putting the chair together it was very easy to do, as it is broadly just a case of slotting together the four main sections. This was easy enough to do on my own too, as everything was stable enough to not need another pair of hands.

However, I would have appreciated a bit more clarity on aspects like the paddles, as I had to remove and resit them several times to ensure that they were in the right place and facing the right direction.

Overall, the Vertagear PL6800 is a fantastic chair that suited my taller frame perfectly. It is incredibly comfortable, and should hopefully stay breathable in the hotter months - even without a mesh design. While some small frustrations prevent it from getting the perfect score, it is still very much work picking up if you're looking for something to sit at for long hours.

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