Edifier G5000 review: Great sound all round

Edifier G5000 review: Great sound all round

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Harry Boulton


17th Aug 2023 09:34

You might want to consider the Edifier G5000 if you're looking for a new sound solution for your desk or gaming set-up, as it provides a premium experience - albeit with a few drawbacks.

Speakers and headphones are perhaps one of the most important pieces of hardware for most gaming set-ups, as getting an accurate, full, and immersive sound experience is vital. This does not just apply to your high-intensity esports and competitive games either, as single-player story-focused titles can benefit just as much from a pair of great speakers too.

That is where the Edifier G5000 speakers come in, offering players the opportunity to properly upgrade their set-up with an excellent pair of bookshelf desk speakers, although you need to make sure that they will be the right ones for you.

GGRecon Verdict

You are undoubtedly getting an excellent sound experience when using the Edifier G5000 speakers, whether you're playing your favourite games, or listening to your favourite albums. The speakers are easy to set up and come with a number of different connections, allowing you to use them beyond your desk if you so wish.

However, the product's visual design is very much oriented toward gaming use, with RBG and garish decals that feel far cheaper than the overall price might have you think. Furthermore, the lack of a physical remote can make use in some situations a little tricky, and their size might prove too large for your average desk.

Great for gaming

Image of the Edifier G5000 speakers
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If you're just looking to upgrade your gaming experience with a fancy new pair of desk speakers then the Edifier G5000 might be the perfect choice. Featuring a number of different wired and Bluetooth connections, you will be able to create a fantastic soundscape capable of bringing any game to life.

From footsteps in games like Call of Duty, VALORANT, or CS:GO, to the whistling wind and grand orchestral scores of games like Elden Ring and Skyrim, the G5000 excels in all areas.

As a pair, these two bookshelf speakers also provide exquisite imaging that gets close to the intimate nature of headphones - even on lower volumes. Surround sound setups can be both complicated and costly to get right, but the G5000 provides a superb alternative without even the need for a subwoofer.

Multi-mode sound

Image of the controls for the Edifier G5000 speaker
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While many users might just use them predominantly for gaming sessions, they are also excellent for general music and multi-media usage - which is an expectation considering the price.

There are three different distinct modes and sound profiles that you can switch between, giving you the ideal equalisation for movies, music, and gaming respectively. While the differences are relatively subtle, it is great to see these included as the EQ needs for gaming are understandably different than what you would want when watching a film or listening to your favourite album.

You don't have to worry about noise levels either, as these 88W speakers can get impressively loud while retaining clarity - although your neighbours might not be too happy if you're consistently cranking up the volume.

As with any speaker that has a dedicated bass driver though, you do get a hefty amount of vibrations that can be troublesome if you're living in a flat or directly next to another property, so you will have to take that into consideration too.

Quick and simple set-up

Image of the Edifier G5000 speaker at an angle
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From a usability perspective, there is generally very little to complain about with the G5000, as it is both straightforward to get going for the first time, and mostly easy to use from that point onwards.

There are at most three cables that you will need to get going, with a power cable, a cable to pair the two speakers, and then any output cables to your chosen device if it needs it. From there, any other options can be selected from the buttons located on the speaker, where you can change the volume, input method, EQ, and lighting presets.

My one frustration with this design is that is can be quite frustrating if your speakers are located out of arms reach. While these are primarily marketed as desk speakers, you can use them in a number of different configurations, and it would have been nice to have had a physical remote included.

You can thankfully download the Edifier Home app on your phone which lets you control the speaker remotely, but for some, this won't be ideal, and a remote is generally always preferred.

Regardless though, the G5000 is super easy to get up and running no matter where you're using it or what you're using it for, making it ideal when paired with a TV, or even as a standalone set of speakers too.

Not-so-premium design

Side on view of the Edifier G5000, with the Gaming decal visible
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When considering the actual build quality of the Edifier G5000 I have little to no complaints. These speakers are heavy, and that is due to the solid construction and expensive feeling of aluminium side panels.

The ridged edges might not be to everyone's - or every set-up's - taste, but it is a relatively safe design choice that can look both clean and stylish when paired with the right space.

Where the Edifier G5000 falls flat though is within its frankly obnoxious 'gamer' branding, which appeals to the RBG-ification of everything and tells the house across the street that you do, indeed, play games.

It might look somewhat passable in a set-up that already favours or caters towards RBG lighting - and yes, you can always turn it off - but there is something that feels so cheap about it as a feature that really detracts from how much this pair of speakers actually cost.

Furthermore, perhaps the most egregious aspect of the overall design is the 'GAMING' decal on the side of each speaker that makes this hard to work into any space outside of the bread that sandwiches your computer monitor. Unlike the lighting presets, you cannot turn off or remove this outside of putting a bit of tape over the text, and it is a frustrating thing to see included in an otherwise fantastic-looking set.

Finally, one particular thing that many people might have to consider is the size of the speakers themselves, as there is a chance that they might not even fit on your desk. Coming in at 189x272x222mm per speaker, the G5000 is a beefy unit that can struggle to squeeze onto a desk around 120x60cm without feeling a little claustrophobic.

The Verdict

Overall, the Edifier G5000 speakers offer fantastic sound across a multitude of different scenarios, enhancing your overall sound experience in games especially. It is simple to use, comes with a number of different connection options, and can be used beyond its intended desk home.

However, while it does feature excellent build quality and a generally appealing design, it leans into typical 'gaming' aesthetics which cheapen the overall feel and make it challenging to properly use outside an equally game-coded set-up - despite its great sound begetting such use cases.


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