Boulies Master Max 2024 review: Comfort and design combined

Boulies Master Max 2024 review: Comfort and design combined
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Harry Boulton


6th Sep 2023 15:39

Gaming chairs have become one of the most popular pieces of hardware in recent years, as they can add both style and comfort to transform any setup. Boulies has been one of the best companies for chairs like this, producing sleek designs that bridge the gap between gaming and office aesthetics.

The Master 2024 series is its new line of gaming chairs, with a standard and a 'Max' variant for taller users. We got the chance to take a look at the Master Max 2024 to see how it fared, and thankfully we believe it is definitely an option you should consider when looking to upgrade your comfort for both work and gaming alike.

GGRecon Verdict

The Boulies Master Max 2024 is an excellent gaming chair that will instantly add both comfort and style to your gaming or work experience. It is comfortable for long periods of time, has an abundance of customisation options, and a number of lovely colourways too.

Build process

Image showing the build process for the Boulies Master Max 2024
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Getting the negatives out of the way first, the biggest problem we faced with the Boulies Master Max 2024 was definitely the process of building it, as there were a few points of difficulty that we faced.

First and foremost, it is definitely a two-person job, as many of the steps require you to have heavy parts held in place so they can be secured correctly. Attaching the back to the seat of the chair was particularly challenging, as, unlike some other brands you needed to line up the bracket instead of sliding it directly into the back itself. This was quite challenging to do, and it is likely to leave you not 100% sure that everything is lined up correctly.

Furthermore, while nothing to be hugely concerned about, it was a little disappointing to see plastic or 'cheaper' parts in some areas instead of those that might look a little more premium or feel sturdier. It is largely not too much of a problem, but it would have been appreciated nonetheless.

Lumbar luxury

Image showing the Boulies Master Max 2024 in Black
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One of the biggest improvements over the previous Master 2022 version is the improved lumbar support mechanism, which gives you greater flexibility when it comes to achieving the ideal level of comfort.

Before, you only had the option to increase or decrease the amount of lumbar support, whereas, with the Master 2024 series, you can now adjust both the height and intensity - letting you get the perfect placement no matter your height.

There's nothing worse than a one-size-fits-all lumbar solution, as at best it can be completely ineffective, and at worst it can be downright uncomfortable or damaging to your back. With the adjustability on offer here, you can ensure that you're always going to be sat correctly and receiving the ideal level of comfort that you will need, ensuring that even long sessions remain comfortable throughout.

Customisable comfort

Image showing the armrest and lumbar adjustment of the Boulies Master Max 2024
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Alongside the adjustable lumbar support is a plethora of other customisation features that will help make this chair perfect for any and all setups. You get your standard height adjustment, with extended adaptability when it comes to the angle of the backrest - letting you tilt it back near horizontally if you so wish.

Importantly, you also get the 4D armrests that have very much become a feature of high-end gaming chairs, letting you adjust the height, angle, and position of the armrests to achieve the perfect position. If you've only ever had fixed armrests that are often far too hard, these will feel incredibly impressive, as they bolster fantastic flexibility and padded comfort.

The Master Max 2024 is also delightful from a material perspective, as the Water Repellent Fabric 2.0 that we chose is incredibly comfortable to sit in, looks fantastic, and is (of course) protected against any stray water that might fall onto the chair. One of my biggest grievances with some chairs is how hot they can become across extended use, but this fabric has no issues with that at all, remaining cool even after hours of continual use. You can also go for Ultraflex PU or Nappa Leather finishes if you prefer too, with a number of different colourways on offer.

Finally, it would be remiss of me to not discuss the overall height and size of the chair considering it is branded as a 'Max' variant that is suited for taller people. In this regard, it is a little disappointing as someone who is around 6'2", as my head did extend beyond the height of the backrest. This was slightly alleviated by using the removable head cushion, but I can imagine that someone closer to the max recommended height of 6'5" would struggle a little more.

It is probably perfect for anyone between 5'9" and 6'2", but we would recommend that anyone taller than that look for an alternative that might have a higher back than this.

The Verdict

Overall though, the Boulies Master Max 2024 is an excellent chair that is well worth picking up if you're looking for a comfortable option suitable for extended use. Its sleek design will fit into almost every room, and it houses a plethora of flexible options that help adapt the chair to every user's own specifications.

While there are a few frustrations with the build process - and the chair might not quite reach the limits of its height specifications - it is still a fantastic choice that is definitely worth upgrading to.


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