AndaSeat Phantom 3 Premium Gaming Chair Review - "Back Pain Is A Thing Of The Past"

AndaSeat Phantom 3 Premium Gaming Chair Review - "Back Pain Is A Thing Of The Past"
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Katey Roberts


22nd Aug 2022 18:24

The difference between a good or bad chair is whether or not you can feel the effects of it long after you’ve finished sitting, and if you're growing older, you definitely start to notice this... After a few months of feeling my shoulders and neck get increasingly tighter, something had to give. It was time to test out a different style of the gaming chair and consider moving away from my cheap, not-so-cheerful previous choice. 

It can definitely be difficult to work out what types of chairs might be the right fit for yourself, especially without getting to sit on them and try before you buy, but since using the AndaSeat Phantom 3 Premium Office Gaming Chair, it’s completely altered my previous thoughts on splashing the cash for a chair that does it all. 

A Painfree Building Process

andaseat phantom 3 black
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I’m not usually the person in my home who puts together all of our instruction-based items but considering this chair was supposed to be pretty easy to do, I thought I’d give it my best shot. While I did struggle with tightening the screws efficiently, as one side in particular just didn’t seem to want to budge, once I got past that it genuinely took no longer than 10 minutes to go from strewn on the floor to sitting in all its glory in my office. 


Long Hours In The Chair

I work at my computer all day, every day - and when I’m not working, I’m gaming, so the chair I use needs to become a comfortable extension of myself. The AndaSeat Phantom 3 did just that. With the fabric design, I didn’t find myself sliding over the chair and the rather large base allowed me to sit with my legs crossed, legs down, and really adapt my position to my current needs.

The built-in recliner also added an element of personalisation and comfort that I’d never known before. When my back needed more support, I could easily pull up the handle and return the chair to a full 90-degree angle shape, and when I wanted to chill I could just recline it back.

 Features And Colours

andaseat phantom 3 variants
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Are you wondering if the AndaSeat Phantom 3 is for you? The chair itself comes in Premium PVC Leather and Linen Fabric. The leather chair comes in a range of different colours to match your personal preferences, while the linen chair can be bought in either Ash Grey or Carbon Black.

If you’re looking for a chair that supports your back and your spine’s natural alignment, then the Phantom is a great choice, as it partners the chair’s memory foam base with an economically designed neck pillow and lumbar pillow. 

The chair itself can also tilt from 90 to 160 degrees, making it easy to relax back and enjoy a mid-game nap or strap yourself in for a productive afternoon at your desk. 

Final Verdict

This chair has not just helped my productivity, but my back is definitely thanking me every morning for taking such good care of it. If you’re looking for an investment in your body, productivity and general aesthetic of your office, then the AndaSeat Phantom 3 might be just the thing for you.

You can get the AndaSeat Phantom 3 Premium Office And Gaming Chair here.


Product received free of charge for review purposes.