All Z Piece codes to redeem double XP boosts

All Z Piece codes to redeem double XP boosts
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Tarran Stockton


20th Oct 2023 10:13


Learning how to redeem all Z Piece codes is vital if you want to get the game's double XP boosts, as it allows you to level up and progress much quicker to become the lord of the seas. 

Z Piece is a Roblox game based on the One Piece anime and manga series. It takes the form of an RPG, with you moving between different islands to defeat monsters and complete quests.

This all goes much quicker with the rewards from the Z Piece codes, as I found the double XP boosts can stack and help you level up far quicker. So, if you want to know how to get your rewards, read on below.

Currently active Z Piece codes

The currently working Z Piece codes offer double XP rewards, extra cash, and the ability to reset your stats if you need a respec. You can check out each code below and what exactly it gives you.

Codes Rewards
thankslike500 x2 XP 30 mins
fixes Reset stats
release x2 XP for 20 mins and 5000 cash

How to redeem your Z Piece codes

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Making use of codes is also a simple process, allowing you to redeem your Z Piece codes and earn your rewards straight away. Just follow these steps:

  • Load into the game
  • Select 'Menu' from the left of the screen
  • Click 'Settings'
  • Click the text field at the bottom of the window and enter a code
  • Press the Enter key and enjoy your rewards

The rewards will appear at the top of the screen if they work, and you can see the total time of your double XP boosts below your HP bar. 

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Do we know when Z Piece will release more codes?

We don't have an exact time on when new codes will be released for Z Piece, but you can stay up-to-date by following the official Discord channel for the game. 

Along with informing you on new codes and updates, it also lets you interact with other players in the community.

That's all for our coverage of the working Z Piece codes and how to redeem them for special rewards. 

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Tarran is a Senior Guides Writer at GGRecon. He previously wrote reviews for his college newspaper before studying Media and Communication at university. His favourite genres include role-playing games, strategy games, and boomer shooters - along with anything indie. You can also find him in the pit at local hardcore shows.

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