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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Wild Rift - Champion Abilities List

Wild Rift - Champion Abilities List

Written by 

Arnab Baidya


4th Jan 2021 19:00

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game based on the PC game League of Legends. Just like its PC version, Wild Rift offers a pool of champions that the summoners can choose while entering a match.

There are a total of 47 champions in the game, and the developers are expanding the list with regular updates. All of them have their own unique set of skills with different roles and difficulty levels. Here is the list of abilities of all the champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


Wild Rift Ahri Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Essence Theft
  • Ability 1: Orb of Deception
  • Ability 2: Fox-Fire
  • Ability 3: Charm
  • Ultimate Ability: Spirit Rush


Wild Rift Akali Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Assassin's Mark
  • Ability 1: Five Point Strike
  • Ability 2: Twilight Shroud
  • Ability 3: Shuriken Flip
  • Ultimate Ability: Perfect Execution


Wild Rift Alistar Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Triumphant Roar
  • Ability 1: Pulverize
  • Ability 2: Headbutt
  • Ability 3: Trample
  • Ultimate Ability: Unbreakable Will


Wild Rift Amumu Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Cursed Touch
  • Ability 1: Bandage Toss
  • Ability 2: Despair
  • Ability 3: Tantrum
  • Ultimate Ability: Curse of the Sad Mummy


Wild Rift Annie Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Pyromania
  • Ability 1: Disintegrate
  • Ability 2: Incinerate
  • Ability 3: Molten Shield
  • Ultimate Ability: Summon: Tibbers


Wild Rift Ashe Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Frost Shot
  • Ability 1: Ranger's Focus
  • Ability 2: Volley
  • Ability 3: Hawkshot
  • Ultimate Ability: Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Aurelion Sol

Wild Rift Aurelion Sol Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Center of the Universe
  • Ability 1: Starsurge
  • Ability 2: Celestial Expansion
  • Ability 3: Comet of Legend
  • Ultimate Ability: Voice of Light


Wild Rift Blitzcrank Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Mana Barrier
  • Ability 1: Rocket Grab
  • Ability 2: Overdrive
  • Ability 3: Power Fist
  • Ultimate Ability: Static Field


Wild Rift Braum Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Concussive Blows
  • Ability 1: Winter's Bite
  • Ability 2: Stand Behind Me
  • Ability 3: Unbreakable 
  • Ultimate Ability: Glacial Fissure


Wild Rift Camile Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Adaptive Defences
  • Ability 1: Precision Protocol
  • Ability 2: Tactical Sweep
  • Ability 3: Hookshot
  • Ultimate Ability: The Hextech Ultimatum


Wild Rift Darius Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Hemorrhage
  • Ability 1: Decimate
  • Ability 2: Crippling Strike
  • Ability 3: Apprehend
  • Ultimate Ability: Noxian Guillotine

Dr. Mundo

Wild Rift Dr. Mundo Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Adrenaline Rush
  • Ability 1: Infected Cleaver
  • Ability 2: Burning Agony
  • Ability 3: Masochism
  • Ultimate Ability: Sadism


Wild Rift Draven Abilities
  • Passive Ability: League of Draven
  • Ability 1: Spinning Axe
  • Ability 2: Blood Rush
  • Ability 3: Stand Aside
  • Ultimate Ability: Whirling Death


Wild Rift Evelynn Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Demon Shade
  • Ability 1: Hate Spike
  • Ability 2: Allure
  • Ability 3: Whiplash
  • Ultimate Ability: Last Caress


Wild Rift Ezreal Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Rising Spell Force
  • Ability 1: Mystic Shot
  • Ability 2: Essence Flux
  • Ability 3: Arcane Shift
  • Ultimate Ability: Trueshot Barrage


Wild Rift Fiora Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Duelist’s Dance
  • Ability 1: Lunge
  • Ability 2: Riposte
  • Ability 3: Bladework
  • Ultimate Ability: Grand Challenge


Wild Rift Fizz Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Nimble Fighter
  • Ability 1: Urchin Strike
  • Ability 2: Seastone Trident
  • Ability 3: Playful / Trickster
  • Ultimate Ability: Chum the Waters


Wild Rift Garen Abilities
  1. Passive Ability: Perseverance
  2. Ability 1: Decisive Strike
  3. Ability 2: Courage
  4. Ability 3: Judgement
  5. Ultimate Ability: Demacian Justice


Wild Rift Gragas Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Happy Hour
  • Ability 1: Barrel Roll
  • Ability 2: Drunken Rage
  • Ability 3: Body Slam
  • Ultimate Ability: Explosive Cask


Wild Rift Graves Abilities
  • Passive Ability: New Destiny
  • Ability 1: End of the Line
  • Ability 2: Smoke Screen
  • Ability 3: Quickdraw
  • Ultimate Ability: Collateral Damage


Wild Rift Janna Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Tailwind
  • Ability 1: Howling Gale
  • Ability 2: Zephyr
  • Ability 3: Eye of the Storm
  • Ultimate Ability: Monsoon

 Jarvan IV

Wild Rift  Jarvan IV Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Martial Cadence
  • Ability 1: Dragon Strike
  • Ability 2: Golden Aegis
  • Ability 3: Demacian Standard
  • Ultimate Ability: Cataclysm



Wild Rift Jax Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Relentless Assault
  • Ability 1: Leap Strike
  • Ability 2: Empower
  • Ability 3: Counter Strike
  • Ultimate Ability: Grandmaster’s Might


Wild Rift Jhin Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Whisper
  • Ability 1: Dancing Grenade
  • Ability 2: Deadly Flourish
  • Ability 3: Captive Audience
  • Ultimate Ability: Curtain Call


Wild Rift Jinx Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Get Excited!
  • Ability 1: Switcheroo!
  • Ability 2: Zap!
  • Ability 3: Flame Chompers!
  • Ultimate Ability: Super Mega Death Rocket!


Wild Rift Kaisa Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Second Skin
  • Ability 1: Icathian Rain
  • Ability 2: Void Seeker
  • Ability 3: Supercharge
  • Ultimate Ability: Killer Instinct


Wild Rift Lux Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Illumination
  • Ability 1: Light Binding
  • Ability 2: Prismatic Barrier
  • Ability 3: Lucent Singularity
  • Ultimate Ability: Final Spark

 Lee Sin

Wild Rift  Lee Sin Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Flurry
  • Ability 1: Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
  • Ability 2: Safeguard
  • Ability 3: Tempest / Cripple
  • Ultimate Ability: Dragon’s Rage


Wild Rift Malphite Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Granite Shield
  • Ability 1: Seismic Shard
  • Ability 2: Thunderclap
  • Ability 3: Ground Slam
  • Ultimate Ability: Unstoppable Force

Master Yi

Wild Rift Master Yi Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Double Strike
  • Ability 1: Alpha Strke
  • Ability 2: Meditate
  • Ability 3: Wuju Style
  • Ultimate Ability: Highlander

 Miss Fortune

Wild Rift Miss Fortune Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Love Tap
  • Ability 1: Double Up
  • Ability 2: Strut
  • Ability 3: Make it Rain
  • Ultimate Ability: Bullet Time


Wild Rift Nami Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Surging Tides
  • Ability 1: Aqua Prison
  • Ability 2: Ebb and Flow
  • Ability 3: Tidecaller’s Blessing
  • Ultimate Ability: Tidal Wave


Wild Rift Nasus Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Soul Eater
  • Ability 1: Siphoning Strike
  • Ability 2: Wither
  • Ability 3: Spirit Fire
  • Ultimate Ability: Fury of the Sands


Wild Rift Olaf Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Berserker Rage
  • Ability 1: Undertow
  • Ability 2: Vicious Strikes
  • Ability 3: Reckless Swing
  • Ultimate Ability: Ragnarok


Wild Rift Orianna Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Clockwork Windup
  • Ability 1: Command: Attack
  • Ability 2: Command: Dissonance
  • Ability 3: Command: Protect
  • Ultimate Ability: Command: Shockwave


Wild Rift Seraphine Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Stage Presence
  • Ability 1: High Note
  • Ability 2: Surround Sound
  • Ability 3: Beat Drop
  • Ultimate Ability: Encore


Wild Rift Shyvana Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Fury of the Dragonborn
  • Ability 1: Twin Bite
  • Ability 2: Burnout
  • Ability 3: Flame Breath
  • Ultimate Ability: Dragon’s Descent


Wild Rift Singed Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Noxious Slipstream
  • Ability 1: Poison Trail
  • Ability 2: Mega Adhesive
  • Ability 3: Fling
  • Ultimate Ability: Insanity Potion


Wild Rift Sona Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Power Chord
  • Ability 1: Hymn of Valor
  • Ability 2: Aria of Perseverance
  • Ability 3: Song of Celerity
  • Ultimate Ability: Crescendo


Wild Rift Soraka Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Salvation
  • Ability 1: Starcall
  • Ability 2: Astral Infusion
  • Ability 3: Equinox
  • Ultimate Ability: Wish


Wild Rift Tryndamere Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Battle Fury
  • Ability 1: Bloodlust
  • Ability 2: Mocking Shout
  • Ability 3: Spinning Slash
  • Ultimate Ability: Undying Rage

 Twisted Fate

Wild Rift  Twisted Fate Abilities
  • Passive Ability:  Loaded Dice
  • Ability 1: Wild Cards
  • Ability 2: Pick a Card
  • Ability 3: Stacked Deck
  • Ultimate Ability: Destiny


Wild Rift Varus Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Living Vengeance
  • Ability 1: Piercing Arrow
  • Ability 2: Blighted Quiver
  • Ability 3: Hail of Arrows
  • Ultimate Ability: Chain of Corruption


Wild Rift Vayne Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Night Hunter
  • Ability 1: Tumble
  • Ability 2: Silver Bolts
  • Ability 3: Condemn
  • Ultimate Ability: Final Hour


Wild Rift Vi Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Blast Shield
  • Ability 1: Vault Breaker
  • Ability 2: Denting Blows
  • Ability 3: Excessive Force
  • Ultimate Ability: Assault and Battery

 Xin Zhao

Wild Rift  Xin Zhao Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Determination
  • Ability 1: Three Talon Strike
  • Ability 2: Wind Becomes Lightning
  • Ability 3: Audacious Charge
  • Ultimate Ability: Crescent Guard


Wild Rift Yasuo Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Way of the Wanderer
  • Ability 1: Steel Tempest
  • Ability 2: Wind Wall
  • Ability 3: Sweeping Blade
  • Ultimate Ability: Last Breath


Wild Rift Zed Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Contempt for the Weak
  • Ability 1: Razor Shuriken
  • Ability 2: Living Shadow
  • Ability 3: Shadow Slash
  • Ultimate Ability: Death Mark


Wild Rift Ziggs Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Short Fuse
  • Ability 1: Bouncing Bomb
  • Ability 2: Satchel Charge
  • Ability 3: Hexplosive Minefield
  • Ultimate Ability: Mega Inferno Bomb

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Images via Riot Games

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