Warzone Season 4 release date & everything we know

Warzone Season 4 release date & everything we know

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Jack Marsh


7th Jun 2021 16:54


Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 is fast approaching, as Raven Software's 80s action hero theme has come to an end and the battle pass reaches its twilight stages. With the first season of 1980s content coming to a close, all eyes are on Raven to see what they've been conjuring up.

Release date

Warzone Season 4 will be released on June 16. The Season 3 battle pass is set to conclude on the same date, with Activision usually keen to release their update at the time of conclusion.

The Warzone Season 4 release date is subject to any seasonal events that Activision may add prior to the end of the season, although the 80s action heroes event is due to conclude prior to the end of the season too.

Warzone Season 4 Maps
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Warzone Season 4 leaks: Red Door

As Verdansk '84 is getting into its disco groove, the communist wave may begin to spread over Warzone Season 4, depicting the Cold War's influence on the game.

The "red door" came to Black Ops Cold War as a metaphor for the Soviet Union's influence on the brainwashing of "Bell" in the campaign, with the "red" symbolising the communist influence that was ever-increasing post-WW2. 

However, the red doors could be coming to Warzone.

According to a leak, the Warzone Season 4 Red Doors are set to be a method of transportation in Verdansk '84, much like the subway system.

Warzone Red Door
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With a new season comes new protagonists that will have players dipping into their pockets to sport in Warzone. With Activision often releasing three new operators per season, the odds are that Warzone Season 4 will be no different.

According to ZestyLeaks, the three Warzone Season 4 operators will be named "Deathstalker", "Komodo", and "Quicksand".

1 - Deathstalker

The name Deathstalker is instantly linked to the 1983 film that shares the same name. The action-adventure title is renowned for its on-screen muscle and flesh, with its characters often taking to wielding swords in nothing but cavemen-like jungle briefs and skimpy G-strings. Deathstalker's female companion may fully depict Warzone's 18 ratings, although it's likely that the operator in question will be Deathstalker himself.

2 - Komodo

Komodo could possibly have more hints in the Zombies department rather than Warzone, although the operator is still set to flare his claws in Verdansk. The name Komodo could be a reference to Dragons, and as we're expecting a new Zombies map, this could be a hint towards Die Rise - the tower-block map design with a large carnivalesque dragon memorial on its rooftop. We're also expecting Dr Richtofen to land as Eddie...

3 - Quicksand

As for Quicksand, few details have been spared about this operator, which is likely to arrive midway through Warzone Season 4.

dr richtofen
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Renowned Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution, has claimed that we're set to see a toned-down variant of the Chicom as the main Warzone Season 4 weapon. The burst-fire SMG from previous Black Ops titles appears too futuristic in its previously seen forms, although TGR believes it will be a Cold War version of the gun to fit the 1980s theme.

The same leaker also indicates that a new pistol will be available in the form of a Nail Gun, and the Flamethrower killstreak will also be added as Warzone Season 4 Weapons.


As per previous seasons, three new maps will be added to Black Ops Cold War, two being original designs by Treyarch and another being a remaster of their classic playgrounds. 

According to reputable leaker "TheMW2Ghost", Hijacked will be landing to Black Ops Cold War in Warzone Season 4 as the remastered gem. The map, which is played out on a cruiseliner in the Atlantic ocean, is a long-time fan favourite, especially for SMG lovers.

As for the two original maps, these are yet to be revealed but should land upon the Warzone Season 4 map launch. 

Hijacked Black Ops Cold War
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Warzone Season 4 Zombies Map

After the addition of the new Onslaught map, Standoff, the new season is set to bring another round-based map to Black Ops

As the Warzone Season 4 Zombies Map, we're expecting a Ural Mountains setting that will feature the aforementioned Richtofen. 

Pulled from a Firebase Z Easter Egg quote, Sergei Ravenov (a part of the Omega Group and informant for Requiem), tells main protagonist Samantha Maxis that "There's an operation underway in the Ural Mountains. I have to stay in the field," indicating the Warzone Season 4 Zombies Map.


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