How to recruit a friend in Warzone 2

How to recruit a friend in Warzone 2
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10th Apr 2023 16:00

Recruit a Friend is a brand-new feature coming in Season 03. If you can manage to convince a friend to try Warzone 2, or bring a friend who hasn't played in a while back, both of you can work together to complete challenges and earn exclusive rewards. To get involved, follow the steps outlined in this guide to learn how to recruit a friend in the game

How do you recruit a friend in Warzone 2?

  • Navigate to the official Warzone 2 Recruit A Friend webpage
  • Click "Get Started"
  • Sign into your Activision account
  • Authorize the linking of your Activision account and recruit a Friend account
  • Copy your recruit link and send it out to prospective recruitees
  • Once an invite is accepted, you can begin earning rewards!

Recruited friends will automatically appear as Activision friends, making it easy to connect and start completing challenges together.

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Recruit a Friend guidelines

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To recruit a friend to Warzone 2, you must have at least three hours of playtime on Warzone 2 and an Activision account older than 60 days.

Prospective recruits must have Activision accounts younger than seven days or, alternatively, have not played Warzone 2 in over 60 days.

You can recruit a maximum of three eligible recruits per season. Players in the following countries cannot participate in Warzone 2 Recruit A Friend: Austria, Argentina, New Zealand, Belgium, Peru, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, The Philippines, and Poland.

Recruit a Friend rewards

Both the recruiter and the recruitee can earn a variety of exclusive in-game rewards for completing challenges together. And the challenges are rather basic, too, consisting of tasks such as playing matches or completing Contracts.

Below are all the Warzone 2 Recruit a Friend rewards:

  • SMG Blueprint — Moon Dust Pistol
  • Pistols Blueprint — Shiroi Inazuma
  • Sticker — Let’s Rock
  • Calling Card — 8-Bit Aggressor
  • Emblem — 8-Bit Aggressor
  • Loading Screen — Point Attacker
  • Player and Weapon Double XP Tokens
  • Battle Pass Double XP Tokens

Convince some eligible friends to accept your recruit link, and all the exclusive Warzone 2 Recruit a Friend rewards can be yours!

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The plummeting Modern Warfare 2 player count might have something to do with Activision introducing the Recruit a Friend program.

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