Type Face Skin Warzone: How To Get

Type Face Skin Warzone: How To Get

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Jack Marsh


24th Jun 2022 10:19

Landing in Warzone Season 4 is an exclusive Type Face skin, bringing the futuristic neon mask into the World War 2 era on Fortune's Keep. Going alongside the beautifully decorated Assassin's Creed-esque Warzone map, the Type Face Skin is not only a beam of brightness, but enemies won't see your grin until it's too late, thanks to a deep-black cloaked apparel. As a combination of the prime Roze skin and something stolen from Advanced Warfare, here's how to get the Type Face Skin Warzone.

How To Unlock The Type Face Skin Warzone

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The Type Face Skin is a one-time only skin that requires you to NOT buy the normal battle pass. While buying the normal battlepass, worth 1,000 credits, you will get access to over 100 unique items including Legendary weapon blueprints and skins to other operators. However, the standard purchase will not include the Type Face Skin.

Instead, you must purchase the "Battle Pass Bundle", which is available in the store at 2,400 credits. The bundle will then unlock the entirety of the Season 4 Battle Pass, rank you up to Tier 20 with an exclusive boost, and reward you with the Type Face Skin Warzone.


The bundle differs from previous sales in the store, which normally generate weapon blueprints and other consumables around the Type Face Skin, instead giving you the premium rewards of the Battle Pass and a 20-Tier skip.

Buying the original Battle Pass is non-reversible, meaning that players who have purchased the normal subscription will miss out on the chance of unlocking the Type Face Skin, even if you would still be willing to pay the premium.

The Type Face Skin and the Battle Pass Bundle will likely stay in the store until the end of Season 4, as it's never too late to purchase the Battle Pass, given that you will still gain Tiers on the free subscription. 

If you do buy the Type Face Skin Warzone and progress to Tier 100 of the Battle Pass, you will be re-payed with 1,000 credits, meaning that the skin technically only set you back 1,400 credits.

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