The Orbiter MW2: How To Get

The Orbiter MW2: How To Get
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Jack Marsh


24th Nov 2022 11:52

The first array of weapon blueprints are in being rolled out into Modern Warfare 2 and fans are already finding out that there is a lot to enjoy once you've got your hands on these penetrating pieces of metal. Apart from the two weapon variants that could be unlocked in the beta, and the Vault Edition Cinder M4, blueprints have been few and far between so far in MW2. However, with Season 1 comes a flurry of new guns, and The Orbiter is the cream of the crop. But how do you get The Orbiter MW2

The Orbiter MW2 Blueprint

The Orbiter is a blueprint for the Kastov 545 assault rifle, a member of the AK-47 family tree, and comes with a cool matte black body and fire orange trimmings.

Coming with four attachments, including a long-range sight, this blueprint is great for long-range gun fights in both multiplayer and Ground War for MW2.

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The four attachments on The Orbiter MW2 are:

  • Barrel - IG-K30 406mm
  • Optic - Schlager Night View
  • Stock - Markeev R7 Stock
  • Rear Grip - Ivanov ST-70 Grip

You can add one more attachment to The Orbiter blueprint, probably an underbarrel or a muzzle, but you could also swap out some of these and still keep the core body design.

How To Get The Orbiter Blueprint In MW2

The Orbiter is one of the easiest weapon blueprints to get in Season 1, but you do have to have bought the Battle Pass.

After purchasing the Battle Pass, you need to complete the first sector. This requires spending five tokens on the A1 section, unlocking the four other items before getting your hands and the Kastov 545 blueprint.

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You will unlock a double weapon XP token, the Aerial Entrance calling card, the Hired Sniper emblem, and the free-to-access Paying Rent gun charm.

The Kastov 545 has become one of the better assault rifles in Warzone 2 too, which could make The Orbiter a popular choice for players in all branches of Call of Duty.

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