Will Star Wars Outlaws be open world?

Will Star Wars Outlaws be open world?
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23rd Jun 2023 17:22

A Star Wars Outlaws open world is an exciting prospect for many fans of the series. We'll be able to venture into planets we've seen in the movies or completely new areas in the canon. We'll likely come across some treasured characters from the franchise like Jabba the Hutt too. However, is there a fully explorable Star Wars Outlaws open world?

Will we see a Star Wars Outlaws open world?

Is Star Wars Outlaws open world
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Star Wars Outlaws open world has been confirmed by Ubisoft. The French publisher even declares it the first-ever open-world game in the franchise. That honour arguably falls under Respawn Entertainment's Jedi Survivor, which has lavishly big environments to discover.

Nevertheless, Star Wars Outlaws seemingly pushes the boundaries as you can get on a starship and fly into space in a smooth transition. There will be multiple planets we'll witness in Star Wars Outlaws too like the game's original Toshara and old favourites from before (possibly the home of Jabba the Hutt, Tatooine). 

We'll be able to "explore distinct planets with bustling cities and cantinas before racing across sprawling outdoor landscapes on your speeder," says the game's official fact sheet from Ubisoft. "Each planet brings new adventures, unique challenges, and enticing rewards if you’re willing to take the risk."

You'll also be able to fly through space and battle the Empire's forces in the protagonist Kay Vess' ship called the Trailblazer.

  • There's another Star Wars game that's scheduled to release this year. It's called Star Wars: Hunters.

What is the developer of Star Wars Outlaws?

The developer of Star Wars Outlaws has history with open world games.
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Thankfully, the developer of Star Wars Outlaws has a lot of experience with open-world games. It is spearheaded by Massive Entertainment, which created the popular The Division series and is currently working on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandorabased on the James Cameron movie franchise. The latter seems deeply inspired by Ubisoft's successful Far Cry entries. These two massive games are being worked on by the same developer, possibly under multiple teams. Fingers crossed they both land.

We'll be able to dive deep into the Star Wars Outlaws open world when it releases sometime in 2024 for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

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