Roblox Promo Codes (October 2022)

Roblox Promo Codes (October 2022)
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Kiera Mills


3rd Oct 2022 18:07

Roblox codes can be a great way to get free pets, clothing, and other goodies and of course, who doesn't love a freebie? For a full list of all new and expired Roblox promo codes, check out our comprehensive guide below.

We checked for any new active or expired Roblox Promo codes on the 3rd of October 2022. Check out the full list below.

Roblox Promo Codes (October 2022)

Roblox codes will get you a bunch of goodies that you can use in almost every game, so it's useful to know every single one available. Below is a list of all the working Roblox codes for September.

Code Reward
SPIDERCOLA Spider Cola shoulder pet
TWEETROBLOX The Bird Says shoulder pet

Roblox Island of Moves Codes

Code Reward
StrikeAPose Hustle Hat
GetMoving Speedy Shades
SettingTheStage Build It Backpack
WorldAlive Crystalline Companion
VictoryLap Cardio Cans
DIY Kinetic Staff


Free Avatar Shop Items in Roblox

Head over to the Roblox Avatar Shop here, type free into the search bar and it will reveal a host of free emotes, pets, clothing and accessories. The current most popular free items are:

Roblox Mansion of Wonder Codes

Code Reward
FXArtist Artist Backpack
ThingsGoBoom Ghastly Aura waist
ParticleWizard Tomes of the Magus shoulders
Glimmer Head Slime accessory
Boardwalk Ring of Flames waist


Roblox Expired Promo Codes (October 2022)

If you want to know all the Roblox expired codes, here is a full list for you to look at:

  • SXSW2015
  • 75KSWOOP
  • KEEPIT100
  • 200KTWITCH
  • TARGET2018


How to Redeem Codes in Roblox

How To Redeem Roblox Codes
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To redeem your promo codes in Roblox, go to the Redeem Roblox Codes page here. Make sure to log in and simply paste or type in your code into the code box. Press 'Redeem' and you should have your freebies in your account. For in-game codes, you'll need to launch the game and follow the redeem code menu.

  • If you also play Slashing Simulator, we have a guide on all the Roblox Slashing Simulator codes, both new and expired, so you can enjoy some free in-game rewards!
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