Pet Posse Simulator codes [GIGA] (March 2023)

Pet Posse Simulator codes [GIGA] (March 2023)
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Tarran Stockton


7th Mar 2023 09:53

These Pet Posse codes for March 2023 will let you net some free coins for this fast-growing Roblox game mode. Roblox Pet Posse lets you explore an open world and collect various types of pets, but you also need to keep your eyes open for coins to become rich and take care of your little buddies. So check out the list of active Pet Posse codes, along with how you can redeem them.

March 7 2023: We checked for any new or updated codes for Pet Posse Simulator. Check out the full list below.

Pet Posse Simulator codes (March 2023)

Pet Posse Codes July 2022
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Pet Posse codes let you get Mega Coins, which can help you on your adventure massively. Check out the Pet Posse codes for March 2023, which are:

Code Reward
25m Visits Free 2x Coin Potions, 2x Very Lucky Potions, 2x Ultra Lucky Potions, 25 Mega Coins
Sorry Free 2x Coin Potion

Pet Posse expired codes (March 2023)

There are also a number of expired codes that don't work anymore, but check them out so you know which ones won't net you anything:

  • 65KLikes - Free 2x Coin Potion
  • 60KLikes – Free 2x Coin Potion
  • 55KLikes – Free 2x Coin Potion
  • 40KLikes – Free 2x Coin Potion
  • 25KLikes – 2x Coin Potion
  • 15KLikes - 50 Mega Coins
  • 10KLikes - 50 Mega Coins
  • HugePig
  • 3kLikes
  • 750Likes
  • SorryForExploit
  • 6KLikes1
  • ThanksRusso

Pet Posse codes - How to redeem 

Pet Posse Codes - How To Redeem
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Redeeming the Roblox Pet Posse codes is super easy, but you will first need to make your way in-game. Look at the bottom of the screen and click the button with two opposite-facing arrows.

Then select the shopping cart logo to bring up the Mega Shop. At the bottom of this pop-up, there will be a text box for redeeming codes. Just type in the code, and then select the Redeem button to get your freebies. 

That's all for our list of the Pet Posse codes for March 2023, and now you know the active codes list, along with how you can redeem them in-game. 

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