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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
award-nominated editorial team

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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
award-nominated editorial team

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Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: How To Ace All 30 Trivia Quest Episodes

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: How To Ace All 30 Trivia Quest Episodes
Images via Netflix

Written by 

Tarran Stockton


2nd May 2022 11:01

You may want the Netflix Trivia Quest answers so you can master this episodic adventure that will see you saving your fantasy friends. Netflix's Trivia Quest is a show that ran for all of April during 2022, challenging players with answering 12 standard and hard questions that were themed differently each day. So, if you need all the Netflix Trivia Quest answers we've got you covered so you can ace this trivia show.

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 30 - Standard

Q1: In the 1970s. what number began to refer to marijuana and cannabis culture?

A: 420

Q2: In 2016, Michael Phelps became a meme after he gave a menacing look to a fellow what?

A: Swimmer

Q3: What "Top Gun" star has been a meme since 2005 when he jumped on Oprah's couch?

A: Tom Cruise

Q4: Always offering a deep thought, the "Philosoraptor" meme depicts a pensive what?

A: Dinosaur

Q5: In 2013, a dubstep drop provoked wild dancing in what NYC-generated meme craze?

A: Harlem Shake

Q6: What show's artwork is seen in the memes "Mr. Krabs Blur" and "Sleeping Squidward?"

A: SpongeBob Square Pants

Q7: Inspiring a meme decades later, WWII British posters advised "Keep calm and" what?

A: Carry on

Q8: A legendary Chicago Bull's emotional 2009 Hall of Fame speech inspired what meme?

A: Crying Jordan

Q9: Yeezy-Peasy! KnowYourMeme.com lists what alt name for the meme "Imma Let You Finish?"

A: Kanye Interrupts

Q10: Meme icon Grumpy Cat is thought to have had a medical condition known as what?

A: Feline Dwarfism

Q11: 2021 was meme-crazy over a container ship that got stuck in what Egyptian waterway?

A: Suez Canal

Q12: Shepard Fairey created the memed image of pro wrestling's Andre the what?

A: Giant

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 30 - Hard

Q1: One of history's first memes, Kilroy was here was popularised during what war?

A: World War II

Q2: In a 2020 meme, Idaho man Nathan Apodaca drinks Ocean Spray while what?

A: Skateboarding

Q3: Dolly Parton started the meme challenge LinkedIn Facebook Instagram and what?

A: Tinder

Q4: What organisation says it raised $115 million due to 2014s "Ice Bucket Challenge?"

A: ALS Association

Q5: Inspiring countless memes in 2021, "Squid Game" was made in what country?

A: South Korea

Q6: The "Ermahgerd Girl" meme began with a pic of a girl holding books from what series?

A: Goosebumps

Q7: The word "meme" was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, a British what?

A: Scientist

Q8: In 2018 a meme was born when what sports got exasperated with J.R. Smith?

A: Lebron James

Q9: In one meme as Evil Kermit, Kermit the Frog sips what beverage in another meme?

A: Tea

Q10: The Dramatic Chipmunk meme that started in 2007 actual depicts what animal?

A: Prairie Dog

Q11: In 2013 a meme in China took off when people dressed their dogs in what?

A: Pantyhose

Q12: A meme was born when artist KC Green drew a comic of a dog saying what amid flames?

A: This is fine

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 29 - Standard

Q1: What historical French figure was only 19 years old when she was burned at the stake?

A: Joan of Arc

Q2: What beverage was developed to help University of Florida athletes beat the heat?

A: Gatorade

Q3: Blondes have more fun! What hotel heiress trademarked the phrase "That's hot?"

A: Paris Hilton

Q4: Microwave inventor Percy Spencer used a magnetron to heat what until they popped?

A: Corn Kernels

Q5: Bikram yoga used heat and humidity to replicate conditions in what country?

A: India 

Q6: In the art for Coppertone sunscreen, what animal is tugging on a kid's swimsuit?

A: Dog

Q7: In 79 AD, what Italian city was buried in ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted?

A: Pompeii

Q8: Boxer Joe Frazier said the ring was 125F when he lost "The Thrilla in" where?

A: Manilla

Q9: Who burned up the charts with four #1 hits including the disco classic "Hot Stuff?"

A: Donna Summer

Q10: Researchers believe a decrease in estrogen causes hot flashes during what?

A: Menopause

Q11: Although it was a dry heat, what U.S. national park hit a sweltering 130F in 2021?

A: Death Valley

Q12: What artist's "The Persistence of Memory" was inspired by Camembert left in the sun?

A: Salvador Dali

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 29 - Hard

Q1: What U.S. president installed solar panels on the White House that Reagan removed?

A: Jimmy Carter

Q2: What hotly-named team chose orange and purple colours to match its state's sunset?

A: Phoenix Suns

Q3: DJ Mister Senor Love Daddy warns of 100F temperatures in what 1989 Spike Lee film?

A: Do the Right Thing

Q4: Made from cooled lava, what rock is so sharp it's sometimes used as a scalpel blade?

A: Obsidian

Q5: Measuring over 100,000 Scoville units, what spicy pepper is named for a city in Cuba?

A: Habanero

Q6: Jose Clemente Orozco painted what mythological character stealing fire from the gods?

A: Prometheus

Q7: Known for his lyre playing, who was emperor during Rome's Great Fire of 64 A.D.?

A: Nero

Q8: FIFA World Cup 2022's November start is thanks to what host country's hot climate?

A: Qatar

Q9: What is the famous final line of the 1959 comedy "Some Like it Hot?"

A: Well, nobody's perfect

Q10: With temperatures reaching 894F, what planet is theorized to have metal "snow?"

A: Venus

Q11: The U.S. detonated 23 nuclear devices on Bikin Atoll in what island group?

A: Marshall Islands

Q12: Whose "The Garden of Earthly Delights" triptych depicts Hell in the third panel?

A: Hieronymus Bosch

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 28 - Standard

Q1: The light bulnb among his 1093 bright ideas, who once held the record for most patents?

A: Thomas Edison

Q2: Joining the Lakers in 1996, who became the youngest athlete to play in an NBA game?

A: Kobe Bryant

Q3: In 2021, whose K-pop song "Butter" set a Spotify record for most streams in 24 hours?


Q4: Born circa 1832, Jonathan, the oldest land animal, is what type of creature?

A: Tortoise

Q5: Surrounded by Rome, what revered 0.2 square mile country is the smallest on Earth?

A: Vatican City 

Q6: What Paris museum had a world recod 10.2 million visitors enter its pyramid in 2018?

A: Louvre

Q7: What pilot's 1927 flight set a record for the longest distance in a straight line?

A: Charles Lindbergh

Q8: What ternnis star has 23 Grand Slam singles titles, the most in the open era?

A: Serena Williams 

Q9: Mammia Mia! Who has the record for the most Oscar nominations in acting categories?

A: Meryl Streep

Q10: The most expensive ever sold, the 59.60 carat "Pink Star" is what kind of jewel?

A: Diamond

Q11: Because of its 36,563-island Arctic Archipelago, what country has the most coastline?

A: Canada

Q12: Life's a beach! In 2015, Ted Seibert scuplted a castle over 45 feet tall using what?

A: Sand

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 28 - Hard

Q1: One of history's largest invasions, what country launched Operation Barbarossa?

A: Germany

Q2: At 105.1 MPH, Aroldis Chapman holds the Guinness record for fastest what?

A: Baseball pitch

Q3: The-Numbers.com cites what "Marvel"-ous man as history's highest grossing star?

A: Stan Lee

Q4: Also the first American in orbit, who became the oldest person in space at age 77?

A: John Glenn

Q5: In 2009, Hugo Chavez renamed what world's tallest waterfall Kerepakupai Meru?

A: Angel Falls

Q6: Now used in an Abu Dhabi mosque, the world's largest carpet was made where?

A: Iran

Q7: What Standard oil tycoon is often considered the richest man in history?

A: John D. Rockefella

Q8: Olympian Bob Beamon surpassed the previous record of what event by 21.75 inches?

A: Long Jump 

Q9: What biopic set a Guinness World Record for using 300,000 extras in one scene?

A: Gandhi

Q10: Weighing 5 lbs 11 oz, the largest egg ever laid by a living animal was laid by a what?

A: Ostrich

Q11: The Dept. of Defense claims what is the world's largest low-rise office building?

A: Pentagon

Q12: Selling for a record $450 million, the painting "Salvator Mundi" depicts what person?

A: Jesus Christ

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 27 - Standard

Q1: What country developed paper bills named "flying money" during its Tang Dynasty?

A: China

Q2: WHat country issued a special 100-ruble note commemorating the Sochi Olympics?

A: Russia

Q3: Recently selling for $3.25 million, Action Comics #1 debuted what Kryptonian hero?

A: Superman

Q4: Since copper shocks them, what one-cent coin is sometimes used to repel slugs?

A: Penny

Q5: What country's €2 coin shows Zeus as a bull abducting Europa?

A: Greece

Q6: Famed muralist Diego Rivera once appeared on what country's 500-peso note?

A: Mexico

Q7: Due to hyperinflation, what country's Weimar Republic saw people burn money for heat?

A: Germany

Q8: What publicly-owned NFL team holds stockolder meetings at Wisconsin's Lambeau Field?

A: Green Bay Packers 

Q9: At Universal Studios Orlando, what franchise lets fans pay with Gringotts banknotes?

A: Harry Potter

Q10: Born in Warsaw, chemist Marie Curie has appeared on money in what country?

A: Poland

Q11: Every five seconds, the Neikkei averages 225 stocks traded on what city's exchange?

A: Tokyo

Q12: For years, Michelangelo was featured on banknotes worth how much?

A: 10,000 lire

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 27 - Hard

Q1: Because a Spanish dollar was "pieces of eight," "two bits" is worth what?

A: 25 cents

Q2: The book "Moneyball" follows general managers Billy Beane and what low-budget team?

A: Oakland Athletics 

Q3: What board game's world champion is awarded $20,580, the total amount in each set?

A: Monopoly

Q4: What scientist gave up a fortune by refusing to patent the polio vaccine?

A: Jonas Salk

Q5: Under the same monetary systems as mainland France, what Caribbean isle uses the Euro?

A: Martinique

Q6: What clothing accessory started as coins sewn onto garments?

A: Sequins

Q7: What is the oldest currency still in circulation today?

A: British Pound 

Q8: According to Forbes in 2009, the first athlete to earn $1 billion was who?

A: Tiger Woods 

Q9: What band recorded the sound of coins thrown into a bowl for its 1973 hit "Money?"

A: Pink Floyd

Q10: Named for its creator's pseudonym, a "satoshi" is the smallest unit of what currency?

A: Bitcoin

Q11: It's all about the back of the Benjamins! What is on the back of the U.S. $100 bill?

A: Independence Hall

Q12: What U.S. denomination depicts an unfinished portrait by Gilbert Stuart?

A: $1 bill

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 26 - Standard

Q1: Born near Tel Aviv, superhero actress Gal Gadot won what beauty pageant in 2004?

A: Miss Israel

Q2: With a strong arm and long blonde hair, MLB's Noah Syndergaard has what nickname?


Q3: To play Katniss in "The Hunger Games," Jennifer Lawence trained with a what?

A: Archer

Q4: Which X-Men villain's main superpower is the ability to manipulate fire?

A: Pyro

Q5: What is the name of Superman's secret headquarters?

A: Fortress of Solitude

Q6: In 1972, Ms. Magazine's debut issue promoted what superhero for U.S. president?

A: Wonder Woman

Q7: Take that, mustache! Who does Cap punch on the cover of Captain America Comics #1?

A: Adolf Hitler

Q8: Just ask Hugh Jackman: University of Michigan athletic teams have what name?

A: Wolverines

Q9: A hybrid film character who hunts the undead, Blade is part human and part what?

A: Vampire

Q10: What nearly indestructible metal is found mainly Wakanda?

A: Vibranium

Q11: In the original Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker lives in what U.S. city?

A: New York

Q12: Also called "sketching," what traditionally comes first in comic book art production?

A: Pencilling

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 26 - Hard

Q1: Established in 1939, Timely Comics eventually changed its name to what?

A: Marvel Comics

Q2: In his superhuman way, what does teenager Clark Kent do in the 1978 movie "Superman?"

A: Kicks a football

Q3: Reprising his "Avengers" role, Tom Hiddleston stars in a TV series titled what?

A: Loki

Q4: What is Doctor Strange's medical specialty? 

A: Neurosurgery

Q5: In her 2019 film, Captain Marvel crashes on Earth into what defunct chain store?

A: Blockbuster Video

Q6: Comic book artists have criticized what "Whaam!" painter for co-opting their style?

A: Roy Lichtentein

Q7: In a 1993 comic, what notable figure gave a speech at Suoerman's funeral?

A: Bill Clinton

Q8: In "Harley Quinn #1," Harley joins a team in what high-speed sport?

A: Roller Derby

Q9: Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, who is the partner of Mr. Incredible?

A: Frozone

Q10: What transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk?

A: Gamma rays

Q11: "WandaVison" is set in the fictional town of Westview in what U.S. state?

A: New Jersey

Q12: In comic book art, what term refers to a single panel that takes up a full page?

A: Splash page

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 25 - Standard

Q1: According to Homer, sneaky Greeks won the Trojan war by hiding in what wooden animal?

A: Horse

Q2: Who did Yogi Berra sign with a year before he went overseas to fight on D-Day?

ANew York Yankees

Q3: Wars of the Roses belligerents Lancasters and Yorks inspired what TV show?

A: Game of Thrones

Q4: First headquartered on Broadway, the U.S.'s atomic bomb program was named for where? 

A: Manhattan

Q5: What nation has enjoyed "perpetual neutrality" since the 1815 Congress of Vienna?

A: Switzerland

Q6: Joe Rosenthal's famed WWII photo on what island is actually the second flag raising?

A: Iwo Jima

Q7: At the Battle of Actium, Marc Antony and Octavian vied for control of what empire?

A: Roman Empire

Q8: What boxer was stripped of his title for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War?

A: Muhammad Ali

Q9: Before playing Private Ryan, who missed boot camp training for "Saving Private Ryan?"

A: Matt Damon

Q10: To feed his armies, who offered a 12,000-franc prize for a food preservation method?

A: Napoleon Bonaparte

Q11: In 1932, what nation "down under" used an artillery division to declare war on emus?

A: Australia

Q12: Picasso's "Guernica" is named for a Basque village bombed during what conflict?

A: Spanish Civil War

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 25 - Hard

Q1: The Battle of New Orleans occurred two weeks after a treaty ended what war?

A: War of 1812

Q2: After an invasion of Afghanistan, what city's Olympics were boycotted by the U.S.?


Q3: Instead of the "300" in the movie, Leonidas had 7000 soldiers at what battle?

A: Thermopylae

Q4: What WWI chemical weapon was once a treatment for the skin condition psoriasis?

A: Mustard gas

Q5: Britains fought what nation 8700 miles from home during 1982's Falklands War?

A: Argentina

Q6: Emanual Leutze inaccurately shows General Washington crossing what river at dawn?

A: Delaware River

Q7: The first successful submarine attack happened during what war?

A: U.S. Civil War

Q8: A match between Honduras and what nation was blamed for sparking the Soccer War?

A: El Salvador

Q9: The filmmaker who made "The Red Balloon" also created what militaristic board game?

A: Risk

Q10: Outpaced by walking soldiers, 1915's "Little Willie" was a prototype of what machine?

A: Tank

Q11: What war's peace talks were held at Panmunjom near the 38th parallel?

A: Korean War

Q12: Whose 1864 painting depicts a U.S. Civil War naval battle off the coast of France?

A: Edouard Manet

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 24 - Standard

Q1: Long associated with the occult, a pentagram is a star with how many points?

A: Five

Q2: What Fenway Park team was said to be cursed after selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees?

ABoston Red Sox

Q3: "The Shining" repeats the phrase "All work no play makes Jack a" what?

A: Dull boy

Q4: In 2019, scientists found no trace of giant reptile DNA in what Scottish lake?

A: Loch Ness

Q5: The holiday Dia de los Muertos was first celebrated in what country?

A: Mexico

Q6: What Massachusetts town houses a museum devoted to its witch trials of 1962?

A: Salem

Q7: Transylvania's Vlad the Impaler served as inspiration for what literary monster?

A: Dracula

Q8: In the NHL, the Devils are a team based in what state?

A: New Jersey

Q9: Boo from Barbados! Who collaborated with Eminem on the 2013 hit song "The Monster?"

A: Rihanna

Q10: Failing to capture a ghost, Venkman says "He slimed me" in what film?

A: Ghostbusters

Q11: The Bermuda Triangle is a region bounded by Bermuda, Miami and what island?

A: Puerto Rico

Q12: What author of "The Raven" also wrote the poem "The Haunted Palace?"

A: Edgar Allan Poe

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 24 - Hard

Q1: In Alcatraz, a ghost named Jimmy reportedly haunted what notorious gangster?

A: Al Capone

Q2: At 1998's Royal Rumble, what WWF wrestler was locked in a casket that was set afire?


Q3: What love song plays during the pottery scene in the film "Ghost?"

A: Unchained Melody

Q4: An essential ghost-hunting tool, an EMF detector measures what?

A: Electromagnetic fields

Q5: Home to six murders in 1974, there's an alleged haunted house in what New York town?

A: Amityville

Q6: Banquo's ghost appears in what Shakespeare play?

A: Macbeth

Q7: Which wife of Henry VIII is said to haunt the Tower of London?

A: Anne Boleyn

Q8: What NFL team has been nicknamed the "Monsters of the Midway?"

A: Chicago Bears

Q9: Which classic 1978 slasher movie has been preserved in the National Film Registry?

A: Halloween

Q10: Associated with a fear of ghosts, spectrophobia is specifically the fear of what?

A: Mirrors

Q11: The remains of six million people can be found in the catacombs under what city?

A: Paris

Q12: Far from Giverny, what painter's ghost allegedly visited Cleveland's Museum of Art? 

A: Claude Monet

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 23 - Standard

Q1: Jiminy! In the original, more grisly story, who uses a hammer to smash a cricket?

A: Pinocchio

Q2: Covering the Super Bowl in 1967, the LA Times ran the headline "Fee, Fi, Fo" what?


Q3: What "Harry Potter" actress plays Belle in the 2017 movie "Beauty and the Beast?"

A: Emma Watson

Q4: A guy named Staton Rorie, not Jack, holds the world record for tallest what?

A: Beanstalk

Q5: To keep from getting lost, Hansel and Gretel leave a trail of breadcrumbs where?

A: In a forest

Q6: Selling for $18,000 in 2019, a 1937 Disney drawing shows what character, sans dwarfs?

A: Snow White

Q7: A gingerbread house is featured in an 1893 opera based on what fairy tale?

A: Hansel and Gretel

Q8: In sports, a team that comes out of obscurity to win is often compared to whom?

A: Cinderella

Q9: A wicked stepmother and stepbrothers appear in a 1960 Jerry Lewis spoof called what?

A: Cinderfella

Q10: Sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome," is the complete or partial fusion of one's what?

A: Legs

Q11: Kids, beware! A famous tale of lost children is "The Pied Piper of" what town?

A: Hamelin

Q12: What film's animators reportedly used a set of drawings they called a "hair bible?"

A: Tangled

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 23 - Hard

Q1: A "symphonic fairy tale for children." Sergei Prokofiev wrote a 1936 work named what?

A: Peter and the Wolf

Q2: A Charlotte, NC sports bar, Jocks and Jills sells what instead of "pail of water?"


Q3: "Who's afraid?" was a tagline for a 2011 fairy tale movie titled what?

A: Red Riding Hood

Q4: Because conditions are "just right." Earth's ability to sustain life is called what?

A: Goldilocks effect

Q5: Lending its name to one of his feline characters, Lewis Carroll was born where?

A: Cheshire

Q6: In Copenhagen, a statue of what fictional character looks wistfully across the water?

A: The Little Mermaid

Q7: Famous siblings born in the 1780s, the Brothers Grimm had what first names?

A: Jacob and Wilhelm

Q8: In "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," flamingoes act as mallets in a game of what?

A: Croquet

Q9: The troll in "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" inspired what Stephen King evil clown?

A: Pennywise

Q10: Restless fibromyalgia sufferers often feel like the title character in what tale?

A: The Princess and the Pea

Q11: In its earliest versions, a boy with a magic lamp named Aladdin is from where?

A: China

Q12: A statue in Altdorf, Switzerland depicts William Tell with a what?

A: Crossbow

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 22 - Standard

Q1: Since Dave Thomas debuted them in 1969, what chain's burgers have been square-shaped?

A: Wendy's

Q2: In a 1993 McDonald's ad, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird take shots in a game of what?


Q3: In a 2004 movie, stoners Harold & Kumar journey to what fast food franchise?

A: White Castle

Q4: In 2021, Kirspy Kreme sold red donuts to honour NASA's rover landing on what planet?

A: Mars

Q5: Hardly south of the border, what chain has a 2019 pop-up resort in Palm Springs, CA?

A: Taco Bell

Q6: Designed by Terry Heckler, the Starbucks logo features what mythical temptress?

A: Siren

Q7: Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is traditionally held on what patriotic U.S. holiday?

A: Independance Day

Q8: What fast food chain has a line of activewear that sports its pepper logo?

A: Chipotle

Q9: McDonald's reportedly paid what star $6 million to sing its "I'm Loving It" jingle?

A: Justin Timberlake

Q10: What chain seems to defy the laws of physics by serving its Blizzard upside-down?

A: Dairy Queen

Q11: In 2008, what chain rebranded from "Chicken & Biscuits" to "Louisiana Kitchen?"

A: Popeyes

Q12: On its social media, Arby's posts photos of art that includes what signature dish?

A: Roast Beef

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 22 - Hard

Q1: In the 90s, scammers won millions in prizes rigging what McDonald's promotional game?

A: Monopoly

Q2: A Broncos QB after leaving the Colts, who owned 31 Papa John's restaurants in Denver?

A: Peyton Manning

Q3: What fictional chain served the "tasty burger" eating in the film "Pulp Fiction?"

A: Big Kahuna Burger

Q4: A 2021 lawsuit alledged that what chain's tuna sandwiches actually contain no tuna?

A: Subway

Q5: In 2012, McDonald's opened its first vegetarian outlet in what country?

A: India

Q6: What British artist loaned his "Flame Grilled Painting" to a UK Burger King in 2012?

A: Damien Hirst

Q7: Thanks to a 1974 ad campaign, KFC is a traditional Christmas meal in what country?

A: Japan

Q8: In 2013, Subway hired what soccer legend as a brand ambassador?

A: Pele

Q9: A popular chain in South Africa, Wimpy shares its name with a character in what?

A: Popeye

Q10: What company patented a "no air pump" soft-serve ice cream machine in 1936?

A: Carvel

Q11: One of Asia's largest fast food chains, Jollibee was founded in what country?

A: Philippines

Q12: The design of Domino's corporate headquarters was inspired by what famous architect?

A: Frank Lloyd Wright

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 21 - Standard

Q1: Seen on $100 bills, who held a lottery to raise funds for Philadelphia's defence?

A: Benjamin Franklin

Q2: Gambling on the Patriots to win 2008's Super Bowl, the mayor of Boston bet 100 what?

ACups of clam chowder

Q3: Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" states you shouldn't do what while sittin' at the table?

A: Count your money

Q4: Win or lose, gambling causes the brain to release what pleasure-causing substance?

A: Dopamine

Q5: Outfitted with replica canals, what Las Vegas casino offers gondola rides?

A: The Venetian

Q6: C.M. Coolidge's 1903 painting "A Friend in Need" shows what animals playing poker?

A: Dogs

Q7: What U.S. president's poker winnings during WWI funded his engagement ring for Mamie?

A: Dwight Eisenhower

Q8: In 1989, who was permanently banned from baseball for betting on his own team?

A: Pete Rose

Q9: To Bart's delight, what animated family adopts its pet greyhound at a dog race track?

A: The Simpsons

Q10: What number is most likely to be rolled in craps?

A: Seven

Q11: Seminoles opened the U.S.'s first Native American gambling operation in what state?

A: Florida

Q12: Appearing to be stabbing himself, a deck of card's king of hearts has what nickname?

A: Suicide King

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 21 - Hard

Q1: Ushering in modern Vegas, what mobster opened the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in 1946?

A: "Bugsy" Seigel

Q2: Although 5000-to-1 underdogs, Leicester City won their league at what sport in 2016?


Q3: What actor spent time with gamblers to prepare for his "Uncut Gems" role?

A: Adam Sandler

Q4: "Splitting" and "doubling down" can reduce the house edge in what game?

A: Blackjack

Q5: A mix of pinball and slots, what nation gambles billions annually on pachinko?

A: Japan

Q6: Resembling huge balloon flowers, what artist's "Tulips" resides at Wynn Las Vegas?

A: Jeff Koons

Q7: Allegedly holding "aces and eights," what lawman was killed while playing poker?

A: "Wild Bill" Hickock

Q8: Gamblers placing an "exacta" bet predict the horses that finish in what positions?

A: First and second

Q9: In "Rounders," John Malkovich's character Teddy KGB has a "tell" involving what food?

A: Cookies

Q10: When dealt five cards, the odds of getting what poker hand are 1 in 649,740?

A: Royal Flush

Q11: What nation forbids its own citizens from entering its lavish Monte Carlo Casino?

A: Monaco

Q12: Depicting a game called "primero," "The Cardsharps" is by what Baroque artist?

A: Caravaggio

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 20 - Standard

Q1: In 1961 what U.S. president pledged to send an American to the Moon by 1970?

A: John F. Kennedy

Q2: More PGA than NASA, U.S. astronaut Alan Shepard did what on the Moon in 1971?

AHit a golf ball

Q3: Whose music video for "Oops...! I Did it Again" is a love story set on Mars?

A: Britney Spears

Q4: Scientists are working to develop what propulsion system popularised in "Star Trek?"

A: Warp Drive

Q5: Reaching surface temperatures of 800°F, what planet is closest to the Sun?

A: Mercury

Q6: Who wrote the groundbreaking science fiction novel "The War of the Worlds?" 

A: H.G. Wells

Q7: Good girl! The first animal to orbit Earth: Laika was a what?

A: Dog

Q8: Counting David Beckham among its former players, the LA Galaxy play what pro sport?

A: Soccer

Q9: Who was the artifical intelligence character in 2001: A Space Odyssey?


Q10: A harvest moon is the full moon occuring at the start of what crisp season?

A: Autumn

Q11: Also home to the NBA's Rockets, in what Texas city is NASA's Johnson Space Centre?

A: Houston

Q12: A domed theatre that presents shows about the night sky is often called a what?

A: Planetarium

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 20 - Hard

Q1: In 1610 what Italian astronomer discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter?

A: Galileo Galilei

Q2: What astronaut was on his high school's undefeated state champion football team?

ABuzz Aldrin

Q3: What furry 80s TV alien hails from the planet Melmac?

A: Alf

Q4: If you weigh 150 pounds on Earth, what is your approximate weight on the Moon?

A: 25 pounds

Q5: In the "Star Wars" universe Ewoks hail from the forest moon of what planet?

A: Endor

Q6: In mid-Manhattan, a statue of what Greek Titan holds the heavens on his shoulders?

A: Atlas

Q7: The U.S. Army claimed a flying disc that crashed near Roswell in 1947 was a what?

A: Weather Balloon

Q8: The International Space Station is home to a treadmill with what name?

A: Colbert

Q9: Introduced Space Oddity Major Tom later appeard in what David Bowie song?

A: Ashes to Ashes

Q10: Which dwarf planet is named after the Roman goddess of agriculture?

A: Ceres

Q11: In 2013, a house-sized asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere over what country?

A: Russia

Q12: Researchers believe the brightest star in Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" is what?

A: Venus

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 19 - Standard

Q1: The first Velociraptor was discovered in what Mongolian locale in 1923?

A: Gobi Desert

Q2: A Stegosaurus plays a shooting guard who can dunk in a 2011 kids book called what?


Q3: Easier to say than Tyrannosaurus, Andy's Toy dinosaur in "Toy Story" is named what?

A: Rex

Q4: "Scaly" but true: the word "dinosaur" is Greek for "terrible" what?

A: Lizard

Q5: Argentinosaurus fossils were first discovered on what continent?

A: South America

Q6: "Welcome to Jurassic Park" is a line in whose novel?

A: Michael Crichton

Q7: Early paelontologists E.D. Cope and O.C. Marsh had a rivalry aptly known as what?

A: Bone Wars

Q8: A Minor League team, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes have a dinosaur mascot named what?

A: Tremor

Q9: A fruit-eating, egg-throwing dinosaur, Yoshi debuted in what video games franchise?

A: Super Mario

Q10: Because T. Rexes didn't have toilets, today we have coprolite, or fossilized what?

A: Dinosaur poop

Q11: Capitalsaurus is the official dinosaur of where?

A: Washington D.C.

Q12: A song by a pop star who often uses "$" in her name, "D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R" is by whom?

A: Thanksgiving

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 19 - Hard

Q1: Where many say an asteroid caused dinosaur extinction, the Chicxulub Crater is where?

A: Mexico

Q2: A purple dinosaur, Dinger is the mascot of what pro sports team?

AColorado Rockies

Q3: "Pee-wee's Playhouse" featured a flying dinosaur character named what?

A: Pterri

Q4: Ornithischian dinosaurs are so-named because they were what?

A: Bird-hipped

Q5: Dinosaur National Monument covers parts of Colorado and what other U.S. state?

A: Utah

Q6: What Stravinsky is heard as dinosaurs go extinct in the 1940 film "Fantasia?" 

A: The Rite of Spring

Q7: The man who coined the word "dinosaur" attended an 1853 dinner inside a model what?

A: Iguanodon

Q8: Famus for denying dinosaurs ever existed, William Hayes played what pro sport?

A: Football

Q9: What celeb once paid $276,000 for a dinosaur skull?

A: Nicolas Cage

Q10: Exhibiting bone erosion from the uric acid, Sue the T. Rex likely suffered from what?

A: Gout

Q11: The first Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was discovered in 1902 in what country?

A: United States

Q12: A famed T. Rex scuplure 4.5 times taller than a real T. Rex, "Tyra" is how tall?

A: 25 metres

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 18 - Standard

Q1: President Cleveland created what federal holiday after a strike by railway workers?

A: Labour Day

Q2: Pausing only for WWII, the Detroit Lions have played on what holiday since 1934?


Q3: In "Sleepless in Seattle," the lovestruck main characters finally meet on what day?

A: Valentine's Day

Q4: "Seasoned" chemists know firework colours can be manipulated by adding various what?

A: Salts

Q5: What country calls their July 14th holiday Le Quatorze Juillet, not "Bastille Day?"

A: France

Q6: Haddon Sundblom's Santa Claus illustrations have appeared in ads for what since 1931?

A: Coca-Cola

Q7: At 1862's Battle of Puebla, Mexico defeated the French on "Cinco de" what month?

A: May

Q8: NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon said fasting during what observance helped his game?

A: Ramadan

Q9: Who first performed "The Chanukah Song" on "Saturday Night Live" in 1994?

A: Adam Sandler

Q10: Painting trees to fight soil erosion, Nebraska began what holiday in 1872?

A: Arbor Day

Q11: Started by Rutherford B. Hayes, what locale hosts an annual Easter Egg roll?

A: White House

Q12: Sioux headdresses are inaccurate in the 1914 painting "The First" what "at Plymouth?"

A: Thanksgiving

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 18 - Hard

Q1: Britain's Guy Fawkes Night celebrates a failed plot to destroy what building?

A: House of Parliment

Q2: What college football game began as part of New Year's Day parade in Pasadena, CA?

ARose Bowl

Q3: In "Halloween," Michael Myers' mask was made from a costume of what sci-fi icon?

A: Captain Kirk

Q4: A plant often seen at Christmastime, the poinsettia is named after a what?

A: U.S. diplomat

Q5: Fiji, Uganda, and India have holidays celebrating independance from what world power?

A: United Kingdom

Q6: During the spring festival Holi, who flings colourful dyes while honouring Krishna?

A: Hindus

Q7: Anzac Day honours Australian and New Zealand troops who fought at what WWI event?

A: Gallipoli Landings

Q8: The NHL has a 3-day break over Chirstmas Eve, Christmas, and what Canadian holiday?

A: Boxing Day

Q9: In TV's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," Hermey the Elf wants to pursue what career?

A: Dentist

Q10: 2285 is the next year what holiday will fall on its earliest possible date: March 22?

A: Easter

Q11: What U.S. city's plumbers union turns its river green for St. Patrick's Day?

A: Chicago

Q12: The Times Square New Years's Eve ball displays 2688 Waterford Crystal what?

A: Triangles

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 17 - Standard

Q1: Who earned an Oscar nomination for the title role in the 2015 movie Steve Jobs?

A: Michael Fassbender

Q2: On the 2021 Forbes List, 626 of what country's 1.4 billion people are billionaires?


Q3: Bill Gates foundation has pledged $1 billion to fight what mosquito-borne disease?

A: Malaria

Q4: Said to be worth $65.4 billion, Scrooge McDuck was named after a miser in what novel?

A: A Christmas Carol

Q5: In 2000, billionaire Vince Mcmahon founded a U.S. football league called what?


Q6: What auto pioneer became a billionaire due to the success of the Model T?

A: Harry Ford

Q7: Who gave $21 million to the National Museum of African American History & Culture?

A: Oprah Winfrey

Q8: The force is with him! What affluent filmmaker owns the 4700-acre Skywalker Ranch?

A: George Lucas

Q9: Elon Musk developed SpaceX with the goal of colonising what red planet?

A: Mars

Q10: Hip Hop's first billionaire: who rapped "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business man?"

A: Jay-Z

Q11: In 2020, Forbes called what Chicago Bulls legend the world's richest athlete?

A: Michael Jordan

Q12: In 1995 Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com as an online retailer that sold what?

A: Books

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 17 - Hard

Q1: One of the richest Americans ever, Andrew Carnegie made his fortune in what industry?

A: Steel

Q2: Shark Tank panelist Mark Cuban owns what NBA team?

ADallas Mavericks

Q3: What fictional hero calls himself "Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist?"

A: Tony Stark

Q4: Once Britain's richest person, James Dyson is known for revolutionising what product?

A: Vacuum cleaner

Q5: Once America's richest man, Sam Walton opened the first Wal-mark in what U.S. state?

A: Arkansas

Q6: Tech CEO Jack Dorsey sold an NFT for $2.9 million of his first what?

A: Tweet

Q7: What billionaire recieved 19+ million votes in the 1992 U.S. presidential election?

A: Ross Perot

Q8: What MLB team had significant investments with Ponzo schemer Bernie Madoff?

A: New York Mets

Q9: Brun Mars sings the hook on Billionaire, a 2010 hit single from what artist?

A: Travie McCoy

Q10: Elizabeth Holmes earned billions running what fraudulent blood-testing company?

A: Theranos

Q11: Located in the British Virgin Isles, Necker Island is owned by what billionaire?

A: Richard Branson

Q12: Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, once poked his elbow through a $139 million painting by whom?

A: Pablo Picasso

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 16 - Standard

Q1: Which of these websites serves one function: making drip paintings?

A: JacksonPollock.org

Q2: Who lends his name to an airport whose website is parisaeroport.fr?

ACharles de Gaulle

Q3: MySugr is an app made for people with what medical condition?

A: Diabetes

Q4: What web discussion site features the popular page r/explainlikeimfive?

A: Diabetes

Q5: Dunk on this: @KingJames is the Tiwtter account of a star in what pro sports league?


Q6: On the humour website stiffs.com, whose orbit reads "Read my lips: No new breaths?"

A: George H.W. Bush

Q7: Crack this! To honour Peter Carl Faberge, Google's homepage on 5/30/2021 showed what?

A: Bejeweled Eggs

Q8: The official website for Tokyo has what domain extension?

A: .JP

Q9: Whose website features a live webcam taken from the International Space Station?


Q10: In 2014, who married Kante and broke the Internet by posing nude in Paper magazine?

A: Kim Kardashian

Q11: What city's NFL team has devoted fans who run the website ninersnation.com?

A: San Francisco

Q12: What payment app took the first part of its name from a Latin word meaning "to sell?" 

A: Venmo 

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 16 - Hard

Q1: Referencing an early logo of the company, sixcolors.com covers what tech giant?

A: Apple

Q2: What was the first U.S. state to put its official website on its license plates?


Q3: According to the Internet Hall of Fame, who invented the World Wide Web?

A: Tim Berners-Lee

Q4: Little Monsters is an app dedicated to what Monster pop star?

A: Lady Gaga

Q5: The day she won an Espy Award for Best Viral Sports Moment, Katelyn Ohashi did what?

A: Stood on her hands

Q6: A catalyst for selfies, Picaboo was the original name of what app?

A: Snapchat

Q7: What navigation app was launched in 2006 using the name Freemap Israel?

A: Waze

Q8: Run by a former science teacher, Compound Interest is a blog about what?

A: Chemistry

Q9: In 2007, what former SNL cast member helped launch the website Funny or Die?

A: Will Ferrell

Q10: In 2012 what Olympic star became an intenret meme with her "not impressed" face?

A: McKayla Maroney

Q11: In 2014, love struck the McMurdo Stadio with the first reported Tinder match where?

A: Antartctica

Q12: What fad does Wikipedia cite as the world's first internet sensation?

A: Beanie Babies

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 15 - Standard

Q1: What "magical delicious" breakfast cereal did general Mills introduce in 1964?

A: Lucky Charms

Q2: Earvin "Magic" Johnson played his entire professional career for what L.A. team?


Q3: A man who's magic to the eyes, who plays the title role in the "Magic Mike" films?

A: Channing Tatum

Q4: This one's rich! The primary goal of alchemy is to transform lesser metals into what?

A: Gold

Q5: The Magic Kingdom is a Disney theme park in what city?

A: Orlando

Q6: Oz's Glinda the Good Witch is a character in what Tony-winning musical?

A: Wicked

Q7: Merlin was a legendary wizard who served as a mentor to what ruler?

A: King Arthur

Q8: An NBA team, the Wizards play their home games in what northeastern city?

A: Washington, D.C.

Q9: Heads or tails? Netflix's "The Witcher" inspired fans to sing about tossing a what?

A: Coin

Q10: David Blaine lasted over 63 hours in a block of ice without getting what skin injury?

A: Frostbite

Q11: In a 1987 event, David Copperfield escaped from what infamous San Francisco prison?

A: Alcatraz

Q12: Mozart's final opera features what titular musical instrument with magical powers?

A: Flute

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 15 - Hard

Q1: In 1914, Harry Houdini fooled what rough-riding U.S. president with a seance?

A: Theodore Roosevelt

Q2: Ryan Fitzpatrick has been dubbed "Fitzmagic" for his heroics at what NFL position?


Q3: Who was the wish-granting, floating head genie on "Pee-Wee's Playhouse?" 

A: Jambi

Q4: The ideomotor effect is used to explain communication with spirits during what game?

A: Ouija

Q5: Before settling in Las Vegas, Siegfried and Roy grew up in what country?

A: Germany

Q6: Mickey Mouse appears as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in a 1940 Disney film titled what?

A: Fantasia

Q7: Short for "Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange," Mt. Gox was an exchange of what?

A: Bitcoin

Q8: Nicknamed "El Mago," or "The Magician," Javier Baez plays what pro sport?

A: Baseball

Q9: What band had a Billboard hit single in 1970 with "Black Magic Woman?"

A: Santana

Q10: His claim to fame, Uri Geller boasted he could use telekinesis to bend what objects?


Q11: Christine O'Donnell claimed "I'm not a witch" while running for Senate in what state?

A: Delaware

Q12: An optical illusion that turns 2D images into 3D, Magic Eye has what technical name?

A: Autostereogram

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 14 - Standard

Q1: In 1904, Teddy Roosevelt was gifted what pet that reportedly "laughed all the time?"

A: Hyena

Q2: Able to balance an NFL helmet on its shell, Colin Kaepernick's pet Sammy is a what?


Q3: A pet that belonged to Katy Perry, Kitty Purry was a what?

A: Cat

Q4: It's estimated that billions of birds are killed annually in the U.S. by what pets?

A: Cats

Q5: Able to handle arctic weather, what breed of dog is commonly used as a sled dog?

A: Siberian Husky

Q6: In a 1978 debut comic strip, Jim Arbuckle introduced his cat named what?

A: Garfield

Q7: "Mozart's Starling" is a 2017 book about a pet bird that belonged to a famous what?

A: Composer

Q8: Serena Williams' dog, Christopher Chip Rafael Nadal is named after a famous what?

A: Tennis player

Q9: Ariana Grande named her dog Sirius Black after a character in what JK Rowling series?

A: Harry Potter

Q10: A container often made of glass, a terrarium commonly houses which of these pets?


Q11: Queensland, Austrialia prohibits owning a pet rabbit unless (presto!) you're a what?

A: Magician

Q12: "O'Keeffe with Dogs" is a 1962 photo of an artist with what first name?

A: Georgia

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 14 - Hard

Q1: Queen Elizabeth II is credited with creating the dorgi, a mix of corgi and what?

A: Dachshund

Q2: Posing naked for a PETA ad, Chad Ochocinco covered his private parts with a what?

A: Football

Q3: What TV pet wins the Spacely Space Sprockets Space Dog Show?

A: Astro

Q4: A condition often seen in Angora cats, heterochromia involved having what?

A: Differently coloured eyes

Q5: While Guinea is a country in Africa, Guinea pigs are native to what continent?

A: South America

Q6: Belonging to photographer William Wegman, Man Ray and Fay Ray were what dog breed?

A: Weimaraner

Q7: At his 1845 funeral, what U.S. president's parrot swore so much it had to be removed?

A: Andrew Jackson

Q8: After the 2014 Olympics, snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis got a dog she named what?

A: Sochi

Q9: Johnny Cash once got his ribs broken after being attacked by Waldo, his pet what?

A: Ostrich

Q10: Bufotoxin is a poison you can ingest when licking a pet what?

A: Toad

Q11: Seen on Netflix's "Tiger King," Joe Exotic's G.W. Zoo was located in what U.S. state?

A: Oklahoma

Q12: A famous 1969 photo shows Salvador Dali walking his pet what?

A: Anteater

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 13 - Standard

Q1: While descending from the Greek royalty herself, Cleopatra rules over what empire?

A: Egyptian

Q2: When the Queen is in the royal box at Wimbledon, male players bow and women do what?


Q3: Before she met Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was a "briefcase girl" on what game show?

A: Deal or No Deal

Q4: Ring, ring! Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated what invention for Queen Victoria?

A: Telephone

Q5: Emporer Shah Jahan built what strucutre in India as a mausoleum for his second wife?

A: Taj Mahal

Q6: Reflect on this: at Versailles, Louis XIV installed 357 what?

A: Mirrors

Q7: Queen Lili'uokalani was the last monarch of what kingdom before it became a state?

A: Hawaii

Q8: Riding and ruling, what sport did Charles II compete in and win at Newmarket in 1671?

A: Horse racing

Q9: Brandishing vibranium claws, what superhero is king of Wakanda?

A: Black Panther

Q10: Who regaled his Medici family patrons by presenting his cosmic discoveries at court?

AGalileo Galilei

Q11: What Asian country's imperial palace complex was known as the Forbidden City?

A: China

Q12: Hey, stud! Henry VIII was often painted wearing a large codpiece as a symbol of what?

A: Virility

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 13 - Hard

Q1: According to legend, what country is home to the oldest hereditary monarchy?

A: Japan

Q2: Since playing lefty is not allowed, Prince William uses his right in what sport?

A: Polo

Q3: As a gift to Prince Charles, Ladi Di performed "All I Ask of You" from wat musical?

A: Phantom of the Opera

Q4: George VI knighted Alexander Fleming for innovating what antibiotic?

A: Penicilin

Q5: Once used to crown Scottish kings, Edward I moved what rock to Westminister Abbey?

A: Stone of Destiny

Q6: Using a pseudonym, Denmark's Queen Margrethe illustrated an edition of what book?

ALord of the Rings

Q7: What Russian ruler regularly consulted with "the mad monk" Grigori Rasputin?

A: Nicholas II

Q8: At the 1976 Olympics, Princess Anne competed in what event?

A: Equestrian

Q9: FindMyPast.com says what singer is a 25th cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II?

A: Selena Gomez

Q10: Once claimed to be unicorn, Denmark's coronation chair is made of what animal's tusk?


Q11: Honoring Britain's queen, "Victorialand" was a name considered for what nation?

A: Canada

Q12: Swaziland's Ntombi Twala was a subject in what artist's "Reigning Queens?"

A: Andy Warhol 

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 12 - Standard

Q1: Ronald Reagan was in what German city in 1987 when he said "tear down this wall!"

A: Berlin

Q2: In 2010, LeBron James said "I'm going to take my talents to" what Florida locale?

ASouth Beach

Q3: What 1942 film has 6 quotes on AFI's list of 100 Greatest Movie Quotes?

A: Casablanca

Q4: Often misquoted, what astronaut actually said "That's one small step for a man ..."

A: Neil Armstrong

Q5: In 2008, which memorable aid said "you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska?"

A: Sarah Palin

Q6: Andy Warhol famously said "In the future, everyone will be famous for" how long?

A15 minutes

Q7: Winning a Webby Award in 2005, what former VP said "Please don't recount this vote?"

A: Al Gore

Q8: Admitting "I didn't really say everyting I said," Yogi Berra played ball for whom?

A: New York Yankees

Q9: What reality TV host said "We're all born naked and the rest is drag?"

A: RuPaul

Q10: Regarding humankind, astronomer Carl Sagan famously said "we're made of" what?

AStar stuff

Q11: In 1942, Mahatma Gandhi said "We shall either free" where "or die in the attempt?" 

A: India

Q12: Often credited with it, Arhut Conan Doyle never wrote "Elementary, my dear" who?

A: Watson

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 12 - Hard

Q1: Who once asked "How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"

A: Chardles de Gaulle

Q2: Who said "I never thought a basketball shoe would be named after a woman, let alone me?"

ASheryl Swoopes

Q3: Who could still recite Ezekial 25:17 two decades after "Pulp Fiction" was released?

A: Samuel L. Jackson

Q4: Written in French by Rene Descarte, "I think, therefore I am" is what in Latin?

A: Cogito ergo sum

Q5: Harry Truman kept a sign on his Oval Office desk that read "I'm from" where?

A: Missouri

Q6: Michelangelo said "I saw the angel in the " what "and carved until I set him free?"

A: Marble

Q7: Who said "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice?" 

A: Martin Luther King Jr.

Q8: Muhammed Ali joked "The only way I'll ever get licked" was being a what?

A: Postage stamp

Q9: Kelly Clarkson's 2012 hit "(Stronger) What Doesn't Kill You" roughly quotes who?

A: Friedrich Nitezhe

Q10: Who quipped "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity?" 

A: Albert Einstein

Q11: What did George Mallory say in 1923 when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest?

A: "Because it's there"

Q12: "I don't do drugs, I am drugs" is a quote attrivuted to who?

A: Salvador Dali

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 11 - Standard

Q1: Enacted to protect car buyers, 1975's Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act established what?

A: Lemon Laws

Q2: Getting their calcium: Indy 500 winners tradtionally celebrate by drinking what?


Q3: In the 1965 song "Drive My Car," the Beatles sing what lyric?

ABeep beep yeah!

Q4: What "little, red" Chevrolet model popularised the use of fiberglass auto bodies?

A: Corvette

Q5: New York City urges people to "run, bike, play" in what locale where cars are banned?

ACentral Park

Q6: At a 1939 conference, automakers helped determine school buses should be what colour?


Q7: Hear its engines roar! Audi derives its name from a Latin word meaning what?

A: Listen

Q8: An avid car collector, what 7'11'' NBA great gained the nickname "Diesel"?

A: Shaquille O'Neal

Q9: The 2006 animated movie "Cars" used the tagline "Keep it" what?

A: Wheel

Q10: Choo-choo! Before cars, travlers often suffered a whiplash-like injury called what?

ARailway Spine

Q11: Meaning "The Car" in German, Volkswagen debuted what slogan in 2007?

A: Das Auto

Q12: Nebraska boasts what cart-based art installation that's a nod to an English landmark?

A: Carhenge

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 11 - Hard

Q1: Long before Elon Musk, what automaker began producing electric cars in 1902?

A: Studebaker

Q2: In 2010, who was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame 11 years before his son was?

ADale Earnhardt

Q3: Who owned a Rolls-Royce that featured the vanity license plate "88 Keys"?

A: Liberace

Q4: On "MythBusters," driving what speed in the rain kept a convertible's interior dry?

A: 90 miles per hour

Q5: Before selling its first Rodeo, what car brand was named after a river in Japan?


Q6: The Cavallino Rampante, or "Prancing Horse," is seen in the logo of what car brand?


Q7: The first drive-in theatre opened in 1933 in the city of Camden in what U.S. state?

A: New Jersey

Q8: At NASCAR races, what flag is waved to indicate the start of the last lap?

AWhite flag

Q9: The "Fast and the Furious" film franchise includes all but which of these titles?

AFast Four

Q10: Mary Anderson devised what car part for which she was granted a 1903 patent?

AWindshield wiper

Q11: Before changing it to Lyft, Logan Green created a rideshare company called what?

A: Zimride

Q12: A 2003 work by elusive street artist Banksy, "Police Car" is a car with no what?

A: Tires 

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 10 - Standard

Q1: TV's Happy Days spawned a famous phrase when Fonzie water-skiing jumped a what?

A: Shark 

Q2: Icy killer Jason Voorhees wears what sports equipment in the Friday the 13th films?

AHockey Mask

Q3: What fictional TV role was based on the city columnist Candace Bushnell?

ACarrie Bradshaw

Q4: What radioactive material does Doc Brown use to power his DeLorean time machine?

A: Plutonium

Q5: In the Wizard of Oz, a tornado carries Dorothy and Toto to Oz from what state?


Q6: A statue of what boxing film stands in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art?


Q7: The first synchronized sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie starred what character?

A: Mickey Mouse 

Q8: In Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner's character Ray builds a field for what sport?


Q9: In the comedy film Superbad, Fogell has a fake ID with what name?


Q10: In the TV series Breaking Bad, who goes from chemistry teacher to drug dealer?

AWalter White  

Q11: On a 2004 film Anchorman, Ron Burgundy urges residents of what city to stay classy?

A: San Diego

Q12: In a classic novel, Hester Prynne is forced to wear what colour letter A?

A: Scarlet

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 10 - Hard

Q1: The American Film Institute named what doctor, the greatest villain of all time?

A: Hannibal Lecter

Q2: Look out! Harry Potter plays what position on the Gryffindor Quidditch team?


Q3: The sixth season of Seinfeld revealed that Kramer's first name was what?

A: Cosmo

Q4: The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are created from DNA preserved in what substance?

A: Amber

Q5: The Grinch who tries to steal Christmas lives just outside what whimsical town?


Q6: In 1955 Pablo Picasso drew a sketch of what Spanish literary hero?

A: Don Quixote

Q7: Bill & Ted brought what Greek philosopher to 1998 on their excellent adventure?

A: Socrates

Q8: Dubbed 'nightmare fuel' when he debuted in 2018, Gritty is what NHL teams mascot?

APhiladelphia Flyers

Q9: The Barden University women in the film Pitch Perfect, sing in what acapella group?


Q10: What Star Trek series debuted the first female Starfleet captain, Kathryn Janeway?

A: Voyager

Q11: In a Barry Manilow hit, Lola is a showgirl at what hottest spot north of Havana?

A: Copacabana

Q12: In the episode Brush with Greatness, Marge Simpson paints portraits of what rocker?

A: Ringo Starr

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 9 - Standard

Q1: Not Coolio or Beavis: Michael was the top baby name for U.S. in what decade?

A: 1950s

Q2: What pro sports league once sold onesies for babies that read Crawl Walk Tackle?


Q3: In 2020, the most-watched YouTube video ever became a kids song about a baby what?


Q4: A real pain in the rear: a baby most often experiences diaper rash where on its body?

A: Butt

Q5: Selling products for babies since 1961, BabyBjörn is based in what European country?


Q6: Madonna and Child paintings traditionally depict the Virgin Mary with baby who?


Q7: By definition, the baby boom immediately followed what 20th-century event?

A: World War II

Q8: In 2021, what speedy sports star became a dad to a baby fittingly named Thunder?

AUsain Bolt

Q9: Although unclear if it's navy cyan or cobalt Baby Smurf is what colour?


Q10: Meaning little fountain, the fontanelle is the soft spot on a newborn's what?


Q11: Crikey! A 1982 court case in what country gave us the line the dingo's got my baby?

A: Australia

Q12: Artists historically depicted what god of love as a chubby baby known as a cherub?

A: Cupid

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 9 - Hard

Q1: The world's first baby conceived via IVF, Louise Joy Brown was born in what year?

A: 1978

Q2: Told of the pregnancy in NYC, Victoria and David Beckham had a baby in 1999 named what?


Q3: Keithroy Yearwood's baby picture is on the cover of what Juice rapper's 1994 album?

ANotorious B.I.G

Q4: Which of the following is the largest group of babies?

A: Nonuplets

Q5: Meaning first meal, Okuizome is a tradition for a baby in what country?


Q6: Born in 2006. Russell Crowe's son Tennyson was named after a famous what?


Q7: Who told LIFE he didn't do things like kissing babies to avoid looking like a jerk?

A: Richard Nixon

Q8: For its 2020 Goals Issue, Glamour did a cover story on what pregnant soccer star?

AAlex Morgan

Q9: In a 1992 episode of The Simpsons, who voices Maggie Simpson's first word 'daddy?'

AElizabeth taylor

Q10: Associated with trees in Autumn, deciduous can also describe a baby's what?


Q11: In the 2010 documentary Babies, one baby lives in a yurt in what country?

A: Mongolia

Q12: Who is the baby in the Diane Arbus photograph, 'A very young baby N.Y.C. 1969?'

A: Anderson Cooper

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 8 - Standard

Q1: Recently elected at the time, what U.S. president was featured in the 1993's NBA Jam?

A: Bill Clinton

Q2: In what Wii Sports game do you use your Wiimote to hit backhands and forehands?


Q3: What TV actor sued the company that makes Fortnite when it used his Cartlon dance?

AAlfonso Riberiro

Q4: Cosmonaut Aleksandr Serebrov packed a Game Boy to play what game in space?

A: Tetris

Q5: What U.S. state is home to a city that briefly renamed itself "ToPikachu?"


Q6: To avoid drawing moving hair, animators gave Mario a hat in what video game?

ADonkey Kong

Q7: Call of Duty lets players recreate the 1942-43 Battle of Stalingrad during what war?

A: World War II

Q8: Tight end Rob Gronkowski was injured after making the cover of what "cursed" game?

AMadden NFL

Q9: What video game character is nicknamed "The Blue Blur?"

ASonic the Hedgehog

Q10: Easier than fighting Doc Ock, who collects smog samples in NYC in a 2018 video game?


Q11: Grand Theft Auto V's setting of Los Santos is based on what city?

A: Los Angeles

Q12: What London museum recreated some of its art using 3D Minecraft-esque blocks?

A: Tate Modern

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 8 - Hard

Q1: Assassin's Creed Odyssey allows players to battle as what ancient Greek warriors?

A: Spartans

Q2: Brian Scalabrine is tied for lowest-rated athlete in what sports game franchise?


Q3: In 2016, what gaming icon earned a record for appearing on 1,230 magazine covers?

A: Lara Croft

Q4: Made with leech DNA, what franchise's T-Virus turns people into zombies?

A: Resident Evil

Q5: In "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," Hyrule is modeled after what city?


Q6: "The Sims" met "The Starry Night" when what museum added a gaming gallery in 2013?


Q7: Gatling gun-toting replicas of George Washington attack players in what game?

A: Bioshock: Infinite

Q8: In 2020, San Francisco Shock became back-to-back champs in what esports league?

AOverwatch League

Q9: In 2020, The Verge reported over half of U.S. kids under 16 were playing what?

A: Roblox

Q10: Used in Half-Life games, the Greek letter lambda represents what science term?

ADecay Constant

Q11: What game's city of St. Denis was inspired by 19th century New Orleans?

A: Red Dead Redemption 2

Q12: Louis Vuitton designed prestige skins for Senna and Qiyana in what video games?

A: League of Legends

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 7 - Standard

Q1: On 12/13/1923, what city heard Big Ben's chimes on the radio for the first time?

A: London

Q2: Illinois' tallest building, Willis Tower hosts an annual climb called "SkyRise" what?


Q3: What skycraper has an exhibit featuring King Kong's giant hands?

AEmpire State Building

Q4: To encourage safe travel, what U.S. landmark is outfitted with foghorns?

A: Golden Gate Bridge

Q5: Presidents View Resort is a hotel that neighbours what U.S. attraction?

AMount Rushmore

Q6: Erected roughly 5000 years ago, which of these is an example of megalithic art?


Q7: The Gettysburg Address is engraved at which of these U.S. monuments?

A: Lincoln Memorial

Q8: At the 2016 Olympics, athletes saw what landmark in Rio de Janeiro?

AChrist the Redeemer

Q9: Who scales the Burj Khalifa himself in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol?"

ATom Cruise

Q10: According to its website, what monument is "more than five metres off perpendicular?"

ALeaning Tower of Pisa 

Q11: Referred to locally as Chomolungma, Mount Everest borders which of these locales?

A: Tibet

Q12: In a 2018 music video, Jay-Z and Beyonce can be seen in what city's Louvre Museum?

A: Paris

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 7 - Hard

Q1: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pharos of Alexandria was a what?

A: Lighthouse

Q2: A winter sport is performed on a world wonder in the 2009 documentary "Skiiing" what?


Q3: In 1995, what landmark's top was painted to resemble the wheel on "Wheel of Fortune?"

ASeattle Space Needle

Q4: Which of these natural wonders is an example of a cataract?

A: Niagra Falls

Q5: The main building of Angkor Wat is depicted on the flag of what country?


Q6: An eatery on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower is named after what author?

AJules Verne

Q7: In 1906, what became the first national tournament in the U.S.?

A: Devils Tower

Q8: 168 metres long, the Chichen Itza Ball Court is part of a landmark in what country?


Q9: Once carried up the Great Wall of China by bodyguards, who was banned in China?

A: Justin Bieber

Q10: A U.S. historic landmark, Albert Einstein House is a short walk from what school?


Q11: What world landmark is located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

A: Ayers Rock

Q12: An art-filled ancient wonder was "The Temple of" what?

A: Artemis

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 6 - Standard

Q1: John F. Kennedy was rumoured to have had an affair with what Hollywood star?

A: Marilyn Monroe 

Q2: In what sport does the word love represent a score of zero?


Q3: Reunited in 2021, Bennifer is the Hollywood supercouple of Ben Affleck and who?

AJennifer Lopez

Q4: The title of John Gray's book states men are from Mars and women are from where?

A: Venus

Q5: In 2020, what PA city temporarily changed its nickname to the City of Sisterly Love?


Q6: What one-named male model has appeared on the cover of hundreds of romance novels?


Q7: Because she was never married, Elizabeth I was commonly referred to as what?

A: The Virgin Queen

Q8: In 2009, NFL quarterback Tom Brady married what Victoria's Secret model?

AGisele Bundchen

Q9: Trista Sutter met her husband on the first season of what reality TV show?

AThe Bachorlorette

Q10: A symbol of both the U.S. and love, what bird mates for life?

ABald Eagle  

Q11: Lovers from Tokyo to Kyoto know: Ai shiteru means 'I love you' in what language?

A: Japanese

Q12: Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 asks: shall I compare three to a what?

A: Summer's Day

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 6 - Hard

Q1: Practicing self love: what Greek mythological figure fell in love with his own image?


Q2: In 2012 the Obamas smooched for a Kiss Cam while courtside at what Olympic sport?


Q3: In the film Her, the male lead falls in love with A.I. assistant voiced by whom?

AScarlett Johansson

Q4: Animals secrete what chemical substance known as the sexual scent of attraction?

A: Pheromones

Q5: After marrying Prince Rainer III, actress Grace kelly became princess of where?


Q6: The Kiss is a renowned marble sculpture carved by what artist?


Q7: What founder of the Mormon Church had as many as 40 wives?

A: Joseph Smith 

Q8: Trading love that year: two pitchers from what MLB team swapped wives in 1972?

ANew York Yankees  

Q9: In 2000, what WB series featured primetime TV's first romantic male gay kiss?

ADawson's Creek

Q10: The Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale is commonly named after what sexologist?

AAlfred Kinsey

Q11: In 2015, Paris officials removed thousands of love locks attached to what landmark?

A: Pont Des Arts 

Q12: In the two paintings from Magritte's The Lovers series, the couple's faces are what?

AShrouded in cloth

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 5 - Standard

Q1: John Lithgow put cotton up his nose to play Winston Churchill in what series?

AThe Crown 

Q2: Speeding onto Netflix a day after the 2021 Daytona 500, The Crew is about what?


Q3: Hardly a manicure contest: what show has amateur bikers recreating elaborate cakes?

ANailed It!

Q4: Ms. Frizzles sister Fiona took over driving duties in the reboot of what cartoon?

A: The Magic School Bus

Q5: Au revoir! Emily dumps her boyfriend in front of the Pantheon in a show called what?

AEmily in Paris

Q6: Unable to film the real one, Netflix recreated the Sistine Chapel for what movie?

AThe Two Popes

Q7: On season three of Stranger Things, Lucas drinks a can of what short-lived soda?

A: New Coke 

Q8: A real-life black belt in karate, actor Owen Morgan plays a nerd on what show?

ACobra Kai 

Q9: Doogie Howser no more: who played Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events?

ANeil Patrick Harris 

Q10: Tyler the Creator wrote the theme song for the Netflix show of what science guy?

ABill Nye 

Q11: Wagner Moura learned to speak what language to play Pablo Escobar in Narcos?

A: Spanish 

Q12: Artist Jeff Lemire created Sweet Tooth protagonist Gus, with what dear-like feature?


Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 5 - Hard

Q1: The Walls of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have art painted by what author?

AClive Barker 

Q2: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga has a song named for what city?


Q3: Samin Nosrats documentary maintains greak cooking requires Salt, Fat, Acid, and what?


Q4: In BoJack Horsenan, what is the title of the 1990s sitcom BoJack starred in?

A: Horsin' Around

Q5: Sporting a gold and red robe, Jack Murdock is a boxer on what show?


Q6: Now thought to have been bipolar, what mad British king appears in Bridgerton?

AGeorge III

Q7: What shows costume designer dressed Anya Taylor-Joy in check patterns?

AThe Queen's Gambit

Q8: What crime dramas Blue Cat Lodge, is based on a resort in Missouri?


Q9: What sci-fi show is loosedly based on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson?

A: Lost In Space 

Q10: Mary J. Blige insisted on doing her own stunts for what comic book adaption?

AThe Umbrella Academy

Q11: In GLOW, what Soviet-themed wrestler uses a move called The Bread Line?

A: Zoya the Destroya

Q12: Known to many as Borat, who starred as Abbie Hoffman in The Trial of the Chicago 7?

ASacha Baron Cohen

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 4 - Standard

Q1: Who is the only U.S. president to serve longer than a decade?

AFranklin D. Roosevelt

Q2: Everyone wanted to "be like Mike" in the '90s when what team won 6 NBA championships?

ALos Angeles Lakers

Q3: In the '90s who won the Best Actor Oscar for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump?

ATom Hanks

Q4: A scientific feat of the '90s, Dolly was a clone of what wooly animal?

A: Sheep

Q5: A high point of the 1967s Summer of Love occured in what Bay Area city?

ASan Francisco

Q6: In the 1970s, U.S. museumgoers went craxy over Egyptian treasures of whose tomb?

AKing Tut

Q7: Inspired by table tennis, what game helped popularise video games in the 1970s?


Q8: What longtime Patriot was the first quarterback named to two NFL All-Decade teams?

ATom Brady

Q9: Flashing that Hotline Bling, who was Spotify's most -streamed artist of the 2010s?


Q10: Revolutionizing computers in the 1980s, who developed the Windows operating system?


Q11: Replaced by 15 countries, the Soviet Union dissolved in what decade?

A: 1990s

Q12: What novel about Scarlett O'Hara took author Margaret Mitchell a decade to write?

AGone with the Wind

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 4 - Hard

Q1: An antiquated term, a score is equal to how many decades?


Q2: Rona Rousey won back-to-back Best Female Athlete EPSY Awards in the 2010s for what?

A: Mixed Martial Arts

Q3: Ethan Hawke spent more than a decade filming what coming-of-age movie?


Q4: What is the name of the putrid plant that can go more than a decade before blooming?

ACorpse flower

Q5: The discovery of gold in the 1890s prompted a famous rush to what Canadian region?


Q6: Including Pride and Prejudice, what author published six novels in the 1810s?

A: Jane Austen

Q7: Sittin on Frances throne for seven decades, Louis XIV had what nickname?

ASun King

Q8: Which American mens tennis player won the most Grand Slam titles in the '90s?

APete Sampras

Q9: Hard to believe: in 2011, Billboard reported what artsist had a #1 hit in six decades?


Q10: A Motorola engineer made the first handheld cell phone call in what decade?


Q11: What was the only original colony to ratify the U.S. Consitution in the 1970s?

ARhode Island

Q12: Displaying Cezanne Gaugin Seurat and Van Gogh, when was the first MoMA exhibit?

A: 1920s

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 3 - Standard

Q1: A historic 1985 X-ray was of what body part, wedding ring included?


Q2: Common among baseball pitchers, a rotator cuff tear occurs in what body part?


Q3: Okay, smarty: what internal organ is seen on boxes of the board game Cranium?


Q4: Chew on this: the laryngeal prominence is a body part better known as Adam's what? 


Q5: What country spent 13 million rubles in 2016 to keep Vladimir Lenin's body preserved?


Q6: A man rests his head on his hand in a 1903 Rodin sculpture called what?

AThe Thinker

Q7: What bone got its name because early Romans and Greeks considered it holy?

A: Sacrum

Q8: Listen up! Important to gymnasts on the balance beam, the vestibular system is where?

AInner ear

Q9: In Jerry Maguire, Ray asks Jerry if he knows that the human head weighs what?

A: Eight pounds

Q10: For fans of innies and outies, omphaloskepsis is when one gazes at one's own what?


Q11: In the U.S., kids often trace their hands to look like turkeys for what day?

A: Thanksgiving

Q12: Famously depicting the male anatomy, Vitruvian Man is by what Renaissance artist?

A: Leonardo da Vinci

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 3 - Hard

Q1: In 1954, what became the first organ to be successfully transplanted?


Q2: Cyclist magazine once said sports legend Miguel Indurain has Zeppelin-sized what? 


Q3: What muscles gave Jersey Shore star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino his nickname?

AHis abs

Q4: Located in the foot, the navicular is a bone that resembles a what?


Q5: Lending his name to the human cell's Golgi apparatus, Camillo Golgi was born where?


Q6: An écorché is a painting or sculpture of a human figure without its what?


Q7: What did Darwin call the most peculiar and the most human of all expressions?


Q8: Olympia Ohanian was in her mom's womb when her mom won what sporting event?

AAustralian Open

Q9: TV's Grey's Anatomy debuted how long after the book of Gray's Anatomy debuted?

A147 years

Q10: Bromhidrosis is the medical term for what?

ABody odour

Q11: You can see slides of Einstein's brain tissue at the Mutter Museum in what city?


Q12: What artist's Drawing Hands shows two hands drawing each other?

AM.C. Escher

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 2 - Standard

Q1: What iconic guitarist performed "The Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock?

AJimi Hendrix

Q2: 2 Became 1 in 1999 when soccer star David Beckham married which Spice Girl?

AVictoria "Posh" Beckham

Q3: A titanic hit, what artist has the top-grossing Las Vegas residency of all time?

ACeline Dion

Q4: What metal does the RIAA use to recognize albums that sell 1 million copies?


Q5: ABBA The Museum has drawn more than 1.5 million visitors to what Nordic country?


Q6: Andy Warhol produced silkscreens of what "Hound Dog" singer dressed as a cowboy?

AElvis Presley

Q7: What singer made history with 7 consecutive #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100?

AWhitney Houston

Q8: In 2013, superfan Drake was named global ambassador of what Toronto NBA team?


Q9: Featuring "Beat It," what album was the U.S.'s top-selling album in 1983 and 1984?


Q10: Rapper B.o.B. feuded with Neil DeGrasse Tyson over claims Earth is what?


Q11: Gangsta rap pioneers N.W.A. were proudly straight outta what L.A. neighbourhood?


Q12: Fetching $120,000, Ja Rule sold an NFT of what disastrous 2017 event?

AFyre Festival

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 2 - Hard

Q1: U2’s "Pride (In the Name of Love)" references what human rights figure's death?

AMartin Luther King, Jr.

Q2: Which baseball legend is not referenced in John Fogerty's "Centerfield"?

AHank Aaron

Q3: What rapper had hell to pay when his "Satan Shoes" led to a lawsuit from Nike?

ALil Nas X

Q4: will.i.am’s "Reach for the Stars" was the first music broadcast to Earth from where?


Q5: What Beyoncé song has the lyric "This is how they made me, Houston, Texas baby?"

ARun the World (Girls)

Q6: A 1972 Elton John song title namechecks what classic da Vinci painting?

AMona Lisa

Q7: Which band was not considered part of the 1960s British Invasion?

AThe Doors

Q8: What song would play when New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera entered games?

AEnter Sandman

Q9: What notorious U.K. punk band called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame "urine in wine"?

ASex Pistols

Q10: The title track for the hit '80s film Weird Science was recorded by what band?

AOingo Boingo

Q11: A 2012 internet contest led rapper Pitbull to perform in what remote location?


Q12: What acclaimed artist designed the cover for Lady Gaga’s 2013 album "ARTPOP"?

AJeff Koons

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 1 - Standard

Q1: Daniel Day-Lewis used a high-pitched voice playing what Civil War-era U.S. president?

A: Abraham Lincoln

Q2: A truly "rocky" experience, Michael B. Jordan was actually KO'd making what film?

A: Creed

Q3: The pearly whites he used as Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek later cast what in gold?

A: Fake Teeth

Q4: What British scientist let The Theory of Everything use his copyrighted voice?

A: Stephen Hawking

Q5: In 2020, what become the first Best Picture Oscar winner from outside the U.S.?

A: Parasite

Q6: Salma Hayek sported a unibrow to portray what artist?

A: Frida Kahlo

Q7: In Forrest Gump, Forrest personally witnesses what historic 1972 scandal?

A: Watergate break-in

Q8: For I, Tonya, Margot Robbie consulted with Nancy Kerrigan's former what?

A: Ice skating coach

Q9: What musical is rumoured to have digitally scrubbed feline anuses from its final cut?

A: Cats

Q10: Far from Idaho, Matt Damon's character grows what veggies on Mars in the Martian?

A: Potatoes

Q11: It's Raining Falafel was the Israeli title for Cloudy with a Chance of what?

A: Meatballs

Q12: John Hughes claims what movie was the first film in the Art Institute of Chicago?

A:Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Netflix Trivia Quest Answers: Episode 1 - Hard

Q1: Harry Styles was cast in what period film because he had an old-fashioned face?

A: Dunkirk

Q2: What sports team was named after a 1992 Disney movie?

A: Anaheim Ducks

Q3: Bradley Cooper shadowed what Pearl Jam frontman for A Star is Born?

A: Eddie Vedder

Q4: In Avatar what mineral is only found on Pandora?

A: Unobtainium

Q5: Borat's catchphrase Very Nice is now used by the tourism board of what nation?

A: Kazakhstan

Q6: To many, the mask used in the Scream films resembles the work of what artist?

A: Edvard Munch

Q7: Despite only 8 minutes on screen, Judi Dench won an Oscar playing what person?

A: Queen Elizabeth I

Q8: Portrayed by Wayne Knight, Stan Podolak sinks the only shot he takes in what movie?

A: Space Jam

Q9: In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cliff fights Bruce Lee on the set of what show?

A: The Green Hornet

Q10: What film shot weightlessness scenes 25 seconds at a time in a vomit comet jet?

A: Apollo 13

Q11: What science fiction geographical name was inspired by a Tunisian city?

A: Tatooine

Q12: A stolen Goya painting appears in the lair of what James Bond villain?

A: Dr. No

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