How to check your Modern Warfare 3 stats, Combat Record, & K/D

How to check your Modern Warfare 3 stats, Combat Record, & K/D
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Jack Marsh & Tarran Stockton

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23rd Feb 2024 09:48

Fancy learning just how good (or bad) you are at Modern Warfare 3? Well, you can do just that by taking a quick look at your stats, Combat Record, and K/D ratio.

Knowing your stats and Combat Record has been a stalwart feature of Call of Duty for generations, back when the skill-based matchmaking was even and everyone was scrapping to keep your K/D over that 1.00 benchmark.

It's hidden away in a slightly different menu than normal in this game, but the functionality is still very much here.

How to check your stats, Combat Record and K/D

The Stats menu can be found in MW3 by selecting the button with six squares on it in the top right of the screen.

MW3 stats menu location
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Then, select the 'Stats' option from the menu that pops up. This will take you to another menu where you can then choose to see your stats for either the Multiplayer or Zombies modes in MW3.

What stats can you see in MW3?

The stats you can view in this menu are pretty in-depth, letting you view not just your overall K/D ratio, total kills and time played, but also detailed breakdowns of each individual map, mode, and weapon.

Clicking into the 'Loadout' menu, you can see graphs of which weapons you've used the most while playing, including the total number of kills per weapon.

MW3 stats menu in detail, showing Josh's awful KD
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Diving further, you can also see exactly how many of each map and mode you've played, as well as your total wins in each category.

Choosing the 'Recent Matches, Modes & Maps' option, you can view what was previously known as your Combat Record. This will show a list of your previous matches, displaying a detailed breakdown of your performance in each game. The final scoreboards are available to view in all their glory, too.

As you can see from the screenshot above, my Modern Warfare 3 stats are little to be desired, with a measly 0.83 K/D ratio as it stands. I've put less than three hours into the multiplayer mode so far, though - there's still time to push those rookie numbers up!

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