How To Strafe Jump In MW2: Console And PC

How To Strafe Jump In MW2: Console And PC
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7th Dec 2022 10:38

Veteran Call of Duty gamers know the importance of strafing and how helpful it can be in Modern Warfare 2. It's a classic game glitch that has now turned into an important tactic to use to stay alive but also to move fast to increase your kill streak, especially in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2: What Is Strafe Jumping?

For those that don’t know, strafe jumping is gaining additional speed by flicking your controller in the direction of landing while jumping - but it's easy to be done wrong. Not only do you need to move your analogue stick at speed, but you also need to time it perfectly. Otherwise, you won’t get enough speed to reach extended places. If done too suddenly, it won’t work.

Strafe jumping has been used for decades in gaming, originally a glitch on the Quake engine, and now something that is a great feature for fast-moving shooting games. Here's how you can strafe jump in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2: How To Strafe Jump

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When trying to strafe jump on a console, the key is to sprint forward, preferably from somewhere high up such as a rooftop, with the left analogue stick. Then, flick the right analogue stick to perform a semi-circle jump. This will gain you some speed but will also mean you can get a little further if you’re jumping from different rooftops.

This will take some practice, but the same motion applies if you are aiming in the other direction. Simply sprint slightly off of where you want to jump to and flick your right analogue stick in the direction where you want to go. If done correctly, it will boost your speed and distance.

Unfortunately, this only seems to currently work on console platforms. If you are able to get your hands on a controller, plug that into your PC and it will also work there. It's currently not possible to perform this high-skill manoeuvre with a mouse and keyboard. PC players are wondering if that will change, but it doesn't look promising. We will update this article if anything changes.

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