How To Make Enemy Footsteps Louder In MW2

How To Make Enemy Footsteps Louder In MW2
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Amelia-Eve Warden


6th Dec 2022 15:43

Are you struggling to hear enemy footsteps in Modern Warfare 2? One of the biggest audio features in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to help you win Team Deathmatches, complete tasks in DMZ or simply get a Victory in Warzone 2, is hearing opponent footsteps.

Of course, having a top-quality headset is key, and you can find the best deals here, but also having the right settings for your game is important. Many players tend to forget about these.

Here is a guide for the best audio settings to ensure you aren’t missing the whereabouts of nearby enemies that are trying to kill you.

MW2: Best Footstep Audio Settings

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  • Audio Mix – Headphones Base Boost
    • We would always recommend playing MW2 and Warzone 2.0 with headphones on. They don’t only monitor your surroundings clearly, but you can also hear gunshots from afar, footsteps and overall setting sounds, making the game that much more enjoyable and realistic.
    • Make sure your headphones have 360 surround sound, as you are able to hear the panning of where your enemies are coming from making it easier to kill.
  • Master Volume – 70
  • Music Volume – 0
    • If you are a serious gamer and playing to win, then we would recommend no distractions from the above audio, as you will likely not be able to hear footsteps clearly.
    • The same goes for any music in the room you are gaming. It's recommended to hear only what is in your headphones, so strong noise-cancelling headphones are recommended.
  • Dialogue Volume – 30
    • In MW2 there are many phrases vocalised by other teammates, such as ‘I’m right behind you’ to show the footsteps you hear are them. This is really helpful when playing Team Deathmatch, but having them too loud will cause other priority sounds to be too faint.
  • Effects Volume – 100
    • This is what makes the footsteps exceptionally louder!
  • Hit Marker Volume – 40
  • Speakers/Headphones Game Sound Device – Default
  • Mono Audio – OFF
    • This is a split channel option between right and left. This shouldn't be needed unless your hearing is impaired.

These are the best audio settings to have on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 to hear enemy footsteps. The key is to ensure the volume of the effect is as high as possible while lowering interferences.

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