MW2 gyro aiming: Best gyro aiming settings for MW2

MW2 gyro aiming: Best gyro aiming settings for MW2
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3rd Apr 2023 16:56

You may want an explainer of MW2 gyro aiming, and a breakdown of the best gyro aiming settings so you can make use of the unique feature when playing the game on PlayStation consoles.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 saw the release of Warzone 2.0, the latest version of the popular COD battle royale, with both games becoming part of the same package, allowing layers to carry across battle pass progress, levels, and more.

If you want to try the games with a wildly different system for aiming as a challenge or a bit of fun, check out our explainer of MW2 gyro aiming.

MW2 gyro aiming explained

MW2 gyro aiming explained
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Gyro aiming is a method of control that uses motion sensors to detect where you are aiming the device, meaning you can shift the entire controller and aim using that, rather than the traditional way of moving the joystick.

For Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, gyro aiming can only be used on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles due to it being built into the Dualshock controllers.

To turn MW2 gyro aiming on, you will need to start by heading to the options menu. From there, select 'Controller' and then press R1 to go to the Advanced tab. From here, you can turn on gyro aiming by changing the 'Gyro Behaviour' setting to 'On'.

Best MW2 gyro aiming settings

Best MW2 gyro aiming settings
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There are no perfect MW2 gyro aiming settings, but there are ways to make the feature work as well as possible. We suggest trying out the following settings first, and altering them if you need. 

Here are the best MW2 gyro aiming settings:

  • Gyro Behaviour - ADS Only
  • Gravity Vector - On
  • Gyro Sensitivity Horizontal - 10.00
  • Gyro Sensitivity Vertical - 10.00
  • Gyro Horizontal Inversion - Off
  • Gyro Vertical Inversion - Off
  • FOV Sensitivity Scaling - On
  • Gyro Uses Stick ADS Sensitivity - Off
  • Gyro ADS Sensitivity Multiplier - 1.00
  • Gyro ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing - Instant

That's all for our explainer of MW2 gyro aiming, and now you know exactly how it works, how to enable it on PlayStation consoles, and what the best gyro aiming settings are. 

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